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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys I'm looking for the name of this model : If you know her name. Please leave a message. Thanks guys
  2. Who is the woman in the water? The redhead is Catherine Bach from the Dukes of Hazard. Ive been searching for months for an answer. videoplayback (3).mp4
  3. Can anybody ID her?
  4. Can You Please Identify The Girl/Young Looking Woman That I Am Seeing In A Red Dress & Pointy Black Open Toe High Heels In This Picture?: I Would Also Appreciate It If You Find Out Where This Picture Of The Girl/Young Looking Woman That I Am Seeing In A Red Dress & Pointy Black Open Toe High Heels Originally Came From.
  5. Hi all, please help out here. Who is this girl?
  6. Name: Maya Stojan Born: June 28, 1986 Birthplace: Genova (Swiss) Domicile: Los Angeles Maya Stojan was born and raised in 1986 in Geneva, Switzerland, where she was educated at the International School of Geneva. Her mother originates from Sri Lanka and her father from the Czech Republic. Stojan has a sister, speaks English and French at an advanced level, plays golf and runs Yoga and Transcendental Meditation. In 2008 was she awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting at the Hartt School of Theatre and Music, West Hartford, Connecticut. Then she moved to Los Angeles
  7. Hi! I'm trying to find her, but I can't. I know her measurements and her height. She is a model of Forever 21 Height: 5'8" Measurements: 34 24 34 She is so perfect. Please I need to find her! http://www.forever21.com/images/default_750/00067960-02.jpg
  8. How Possible Is It That Someone Is Actually Pretending That She Is Struggling To Fit Into Those Jeans Just For This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA?: I Am Showing You Both Versions Of This Picture,Because I Found Out That It Was Used To Advertise Tonalin CLA. Who Am I Seeing In This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA & How Tall Is She? Is That Martha Stewart? Is That Diane Sawyer? Is That Kathy Griffin? Is That Laura Dern? What Celebrity Does She Look Like To You? What Do Thes
  9. nim

    Name of Model

    Hello All, I would like to know the name of this model. Click on image and it goes to a new page with just the image and click on the image again to enlarge it to a bigger image. If not, then the bottom image should be good enough, just click it to see it bigger. Thanks.
  10. Her IG : Therealfouz She is the most famous Arab model and fashionista in the gulf region and the middle east at this moment she is 28 years old She is also considered one of the most beautiful Kuwaiti women 😍 Tell me what do you guys think of her? have you ever heard of her ?? or followed her on Instagram ? also you can rate her on a scale of 10 in terms of looks
  11. I figured once again to put this one in a thread separate from my first shampoo ads ID thread. Here is some credits for the advertising campaign: Client: Aroma Advertising Agency: Hutsjwt Director: Georgi Manov D.O.P.: Krasimir Andonov Music: Nikolai M. or Nikolay Madjarov Production & Post-production: Clamer I think this campaign was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria. There is a gallery on their Bulgarian site as well. I'll share the photos in the next post.
  12. Honestly, I got little to nothing on this one other than the GIF I found as someone's profile picture on Youtube. Sorry, I got little to nothing else.
  13. Who is this model?! I've been really trying to figure it out, but I've had no luck. Anyone know?
  14. Who Is This On The Front Cover Of This Edition Of Prevention Magazine From March Of 2002 & What Is She Wearing In The Picture?:
  15. Hello there! This model is on the cover of the Venus.com catalog this month (March 2013). She's very pretty and I'd like to look up more photos, but I can't seem to figure out who she is. Does anyone know her name? Please place inquiries in the Model ID Section. Looks like Simone Villas Boas though. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average
  16. She is a Kuwaiti model , Kuwaiti by birth, Fatima studied at the University of Miami. She's an architect as well and fashionista Her IG : falmomen
  17. Who Is This On The Front Cover Of This Edition Of Prevention Magazine From May Of 2002 & What Is She Wearing In The Picture?:
  18. I've been wondering about this one for some time, anyone have any ideas on her name? Here's the Pantene Ad "Horizon": Screenshots: If this helps, the information or credits for this ad: Thanks in advance! 😉
  19. Who Is This Model In This Picture?: Where Can I Find A Version Of This Advertisement Where We See Her Bra & Underwear & Not That Dress?
  20. This is probably vague but anyone recognize this model?
  21. What Is This Girl/Woman In This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA,Waiting To Try On,In The Dressing Room?: Why Is It That She Is Not Smiling,While She Waits For Her Turn? Does She Even Look Like She Needs To Lose Any Weight? Who Does She Resemble & How Old Does She Look? Is This Alison Sweeney? Whatever She Is Waiting To Try On In The Dressing Rom,How Well Did It Fit Her,When She Tried It On? Whatever She Is Waiting To Try On In The Dressing Room,How Possible Is It That She Bought It,Even If It Did Not Fit Her
  22. Hi all, please help me identify this girl. What is her name?
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