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  1. Q magazine - "Kvinder med kurver" (= "women with cuves") is a Danish magazine for curvy women. Please share here the covers and editorials of this magazine. No ID requests please, you have to know the name of the models to post. Thanks
  2. This is a thread dedicated to Alles für die Frau, a German lifestyle magazine, and their models. No ID requests please. Try to add the year (at least) and, if you can, the complete date if the issues that are posted.
  3. Knipmode is a Dutch magazine for sewing and knitting lovers. Please share here your covers and editorials (with model names). PS1: there is also a German edition PS2: not for ID requests please (please go to the model ID if you need ID)
  4. Amelia is a Swedish magazine. Please share covers and editorials from this great magazine. (please no ID request, only post when you know the models, thanks )
  5. Modes & Travaux (in French "Modes et Travaux", to be pronounced "Mode-z-é-travaux" ) is a French lifestyle magazine. Please post their covers in this thread. No IDs please (you have to know the full name of the model before posting). Please add the date to all your posts (month and year). PS: enjoy !
  6. This is a thread to List Models who appear on the covers of Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting, and other Craft Magazine Covers. NO ID requests. Must know the name of the models. If not use this thread:
  7. Vlasta is a Czech magazine for women. Please place here their covers. No IDs please (you have to know the full name of the model before posting). Please add the date (at least the month and year)
  8. Revista Ioana or Ioana Magazine is a Romanian Magazine. This is a list of its Models. NO ID Requests.
  9. Blesk pro ženy is a Czech lifestyle magazine. Please place here the covers of this magazine. No IDs here.
  10. a list of models who appeared on the cover of Gong, a German magazine.
  11. A list of models who work for Laviva Magazine.
  12. this is a list of models who have worked for Notre Temps Magazine. NO ID Requests.
  13. I am creating an alphabetical pictionary (picture dictionary) of lifestyle magazine models. These are the models most commonly found in weekly magazines. I am going to add them by letter. Please DO NOT COMMENT OR QUOTE until this comment is erased from this post. I will continually be updating this over the next few days, I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON IDENTIFICATIONS OF MORE MODELS. I WILL UPLOAD MORE SHORTLY. WORK IN PROGRESS The models who appear in or on Sante Maxi Fur Sie Donna Bild der Frau and any covers that
  14. Pep's is a French magazine for senior (ladies above 50). It was started in 2014 and they work with a lot of famous lifestyle models. @modelknowledge You made me discover this magazine (thanks for that ! I never noticed it in France, it's not very well known ; I don't think that they sell it everywhere). There are 16 issues (at present, I could ID 12 of them). Let's try to Id them all (let's put them in the thread by order of appearance and let's precise when we need to ID them)
  15. Laura is a German lifestyle magazine. It's not the best magazine since they use many syndicated images. Yet, many of the superstars of lifestyle modelling are here and they are very pretty as usual. @[email protected] I don't think that we have this thread already.
  16. This is a topic dedicated to Bild der Frau, a German lifestyle magazine. No IDs. Please try to add the year (at least) and, if you can, the complete date if the issues that are posted. @modelknowledge this is not my favorite magazine (I don't find their covers very classy). Yet, many great models are on their covers. So, I think that we need this thread.
  17. Vriendin Magazine is a Dutch lifestyle magazine. NO IDs. Place unidentified magazine covers and editorials in this thread
  18. A topic dedicated to the models of the Belgian magazine Goed Gevoel.
  19. She Magazine was a women's fashion and lifestyle magazine in the UK. I am trying to find as many covers and editorials from this defunct magazine as possible.
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