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  1. I really like the song and the music video is just as beautiful
  2. Just got this in my email. I really like the pictures, Alexina looks good.
  3. So Alexina is the face of this fragrance right ? Ok I don't like her but who taught it would be good to associate a redhead with a red perfume ? They were more smart a couple years ago with Sara and the Very Sexy Fragrance (even tho it was a copy cat of Si Passione but whatever)
  4. Or maybe they are reaaaallly going in that "new era" path and are indeed doing a fresh start 🤔
  5. all those looks are tragic ! Only Grace is kind of ok Here are some more HQ
  6. Thanks @Prettyphile for delivering all these HQ pictures of Cannes ! You rock even when it is not entirely VS related
  7. I was soooooo in love with her look and then I saw her shoes... how to kill a vibe !
  8. I'm actually really happy for Grace ! I knew she was Angel worthy since I first saw her back in 2016 and I'm glad they waited to give her the tittle, it's even more deserved. So 15 angels, the usual now. I would die for VS to cut half of the girls but it's just not happening. I had a feeling back in early February that Stella, Josephine, Elsa, Martha and Taylor were kind of done but since they all (?) shot during the last month, they are still going strong.
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