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  1. Marie Claire, Special edition, Fall 2021
  2. It's not a coincidence that all the SJW nonsense started in the social science universities. They're authority figures, and social sciences are vulnerable to counterfeit. Social sciences are important, but the selection process should be extremely tough in this area, precisely because they are vulnerable to counterfeit. Remember this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grievance_studies_affair In a world with rigorous social scientists (where only the best are allowed to do social sciences), this hoax would have not happened.
  3. @Prettyphile Have you heard of the Milgram experiment? I think it explains why many normies now follow what they read in the newspapers, even the craziest things. People believe the authority figures. Even if the authority figure is crazy and says "2+2=5". https://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html
  4. Honestly, these people are dangerous. When I read this article, I saw the extreme neurosis that the woke BS is creating in people's minds. SJWs are saying "2+2 = 5" and they force people to believe it (with threats). There used to be simple truths like: - there are 2 genders - men and women are different but complementary (and they love each other) - racism is judging people on the basis of their skin color etc. All these simple truths are now attacked and the activists make people doubt the reality of reality. The 1st time I saw an article from US newspapers saying "being color blind is racist", I had to check several times to be sure it wasn't a joke. This statement is a freaking contradiction in terms, it's as stupid as saying "2+2 =5". And the dictionaries change their definitions now... I'm sure Xi Jinping likes what he sees. As I said to another poster, strategists (since Sun Tzu) know that a nation with severe internal tensions (and moral collapse) is vulnerable.
  5. Hey, do you remember this thread? I really like blue-eyed brunettes.
  6. I know that the many (many) women find Henry Cavill attractive. I also know that the law for men attractiveness is a "winner takes all" law, whereas women attractiveness is more diverse. BZ is a proof of that: the best looking actor, Leo Dicaprio, sucks nearly all the attention, while the lesser known actors have very inactive threads. For women, you see many many active threads and the repartition is more spread out. That's how it is. The "female gaze" is extremely selective and extremely elitist when it's about partners. On the other hand, they are very collectivist and against competition, when it's about anything else. It's not a judgement BTW, that's how it is and I've seen many studies actually showing that. Anyway, I digress... My point is that I know Cavill is seen as attractive, but I don't really understand why. His body is too thick / too muscular, I don't really see it as a functional body type and I agree with you: it's too much for the Witcher. Cavill looked better when he was younger. Guys like Michael Fassbender or Viggo Mortensen would look better as Geralt. They're muscular but "nervous type", with leaner bodies (not bodybuilder profiles).
  7. My understanding is that they are attracted to each other because of the Djinn. It's highly suggested in the mission "the last wish" (that you just shared) in the Witcher 3 (the name of the mission refers to a short story in the book where he makes a wish to the Djinn). We don't know what the wish exactly is, but they say (in the game and the series) that it's the reason why they're attracted to each other. In the game, you undo the wish in that particular mission and then they leave it up to the player. My choice was to tell her that Geralt wasn't attracted to her any more (because Triss is way better, way nicer and, to be honest, Yennefer really behaves like a b***, and, I really hate b*** or spoiled brats). I really (really) don't like b*** behaviour, passive-aggressive attacks and innuendos, which is what she does a lot. That's actually what aggressive women tend to do when they want to hurt: they don't do physical attacks, but verbal/psychological attacks. In the series, Yennefer is shown in a better light because they insist on her struggles as a hunchback (which you don't see in the game). I appreciate the fact that she's a fighter, and honestly it makes her look really better, but you can be a fighter without being a b***.
  8. Women prisoners who call transgender inmates ‘he’ or ‘him’ face extra jail time https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/08/women-prisoners-call-transgender-inmates-face-extra-jail-time/ Anglo-saxon news are so fun to read
  9. Kamala Harris Using Child Actors in NASA Video Sparks Widespread Derision https://www.newsweek.com/kamala-harris-child-actors-nasa-video-widespread-derision-1638058
  10. Gaming journalists are the worst kind of journalists... which says a lot Seriously, nobody listens to game journos, we all watch youtuber's advices on games. Journalists have zero credibility on gaming (erm, not just on gaming actually )
  11. https://slate.com/human-interest/2021/10/kids-social-justice-vigilantes-parenting-advice-care-feeding.html What... did... I... just... read??? This article is super creepy. There are two possibilities: either this website is a freaking parody or the mental health in the USA is degrading at a very fast pace. Every sentence in this article is crazy. @Stromboli1 @Prettyphile Please tell me it's a joke and none of it is real......................
  12. Pretty good point, Vixen. VS's fire is fading, but soon tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Maybe Etam live show will be one of these flames. They have Constance and she already has an angel's spirit.
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