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  1. 17 hours ago, Michael* said:

    Villa made hard work of it tonight, but that was a game they would perhaps have lost last season and on a relative off-day for Grealish no less.


    Has it been a satisfactory window for you, Fred? From an outsider's perspective, it looks as though a comfortable mid-table finish could be within reach. I'd like to see Watkins step up after a dynamite season for Brentford.

    Cautious optimism as you'd expect, but credit to the owners and Purslow for stepping it up and paying the big boy wages to pip other teams to the targets we really wanted. Certainly can't argue with Martinez, finally after fifty attempts we have obtained a goalie who's appropriately aged, able bodied and seemingly of sound mind, all at the same time. Cash will need time but fits the profile of needing more from right-back going forward, though I'd be happy to keep Guilbert as back-up as I think he's quite decent. If Engels were to leave, we'd surely need another centre-half to come into the squad, preferably a hairy arsed veteran, given the injury record/inexperience of Mings, Konsa and Hause (who I just don't think is of the requisite level anyway, to be honest). As you saw last night, when Jack isn't up to speed things can transpire lethargically, I'm hoping Traore and er, Some Other New Signing can inject some much needed velocity and craft because we can't afford to be a one man band creatively. McGinn has mostly looked way off the boil since he returned from injury, Hourihane is pretty mercurial, Trezeguet is a cameo giver and everybody's favourite, Dougie Luiz, has got enough to do as it is. I'd be lying if I said I'd seen much of Watkins before the play-off final, but if he gets 12 goals in the league this season I'll pay for the statue*of him outside the ground myself (*reduced to a matchstick man if we get relegated).

  2. First it was Wolves and Leeds, now chuffin' Everton are the darlings of the croissant scoffing, podcasts for every throw in, xG as dogma Athletic subscribing bourgeoise! 

  3. On 9/7/2020 at 6:34 PM, Michael* said:


    I had my clipboard at the ready, was just waiting to draw a tick in the appropriate box.

    If a Grigg-Graham axis doesn't get Netflix back over to the Stadium of Light to film a third season, what will?! Curious to know your thoughts on Parkinson, Michael (see what I did there?). Cup miracle man back in the day, but a good fit? Dare I say the rough stuff he encountered at Bolton might make even ol' troublesome Sunderland look comparatively light work? Incidentally, for some reason he's one of those managers I can only ever envision standing on the sidelines being absolutely battered by rain, I literally cannot draw up an image of him with dry hair. Not gonna ask for the billionth time if this is the season Aiden McGeady puts it all together, would you rather ship him or give him one more crack? Can't imagine any takers beyond Hibs, perhaps.


    *Checks to see who we've got in the EFL Trophy after posting, ooh Sunderland. Checks final score hours later, mother of God.

  4. 57 minutes ago, Michael* said:


    For my sins, I had a peek at Le Tiss's Twitter earlier today, scrolled for five minutes and only made it to the 21st of August. Presumably he thinks George Soros is responsible for his removal.

    I doubt Frank McLintock has a politically minded Twitter presence, might it be time to bring the charismatic 80 year-old back into the fold? 

  5. Can't believe one of the most successful institutions in the global game is parting ways with its greatest ever. Reinstate Charlie, Thommo and Le Tiss right now!  

  6. 21 hours ago, Michael* said:

    Least surprising news ever that Setien has been given his marching orders by Barca, perhaps slightly surprising that Ronald Koeman is in the frame to replace him when Big Sam could have had them stabilised by February.

    Let's face it, scavenger hunting for Kevin-Prince Boateng and Martin Braithwaite the past two Januarys suggests Big Sam might already be whispering in someone's ear over there. The more you think about it, the more the idea compels. Sammy Lee played 28 times for Osasuna in the '80s so he knows the league, big tick. A Messi/Braithwaite/Carroll forward line with supply from Wahbi Khazri and Stewie Downing? I'm drooling in my armchair. Frankie de Jong under the tutelage of Kevin Nolan? I can scarcely contain my heart rate. Sporting director El-Hadji Diouf wrestling Gerard Pique in the boardroom? Manna from heaven. Get it done!

  7. 20 hours ago, Michael* said:

    It doesn't seem like many tears are being shed for Maurizio Sarri at Juve, despite having to his name a European trophy and a Scudetto consecutively and in debut seasons no less. Which doesn't sound too shabby, at least from an outsider's perspective.

    When you've got Atalanta scoring by the bag load every week, the pragmatic joys of a squad full of tough codgers, 653 identikit central midfielders and Federico Bernardeschi grinding it out leaves a wee bit to desire when you've got the resources Juve have. It certainly isn't all on Sarri's back, though Lyon sure did a job on them, and I appreciated them for it. A shame Lazio cacked their pants post-lockdown, me ol' mucker Ciro Immobile is a wonder. 


    20 hours ago, Michael* said:

    Atletico's long-standing naffness before Diego Simeone arrived has almost faded from memory now, so much so that when he delivers Champions League qualification for the eighth year in a row and "only" reaches the quarters, people think it's been a crap season. That's how much he's elevated them.

    Trouble is, they have to run to stand still in terms of budgeting. Thomas Lemar, goodness me that's been a sad one to witness. Good on Trippier for adjusting well to it all, though. 

  8. On 7/30/2020 at 10:19 PM, Michael* said:

    Sounds like Newcastle are going to be treated to another year of Mike Ashley at the helm and Steve Bruce's unique brand of 4D chess after all, then. On the bright side, the extent to which current crowd restrictions could be lifted for the new season may have just become an irrelevance for them.

    A Victorian slumlord and some Tom Clancy bad guys (who for added colour even pinch TV coverage of Burnley-Palace just to give Qatar the finger) negotiating for the right to employee Matt Ritchie is what the youngsters might call 'peak' 2020.

  9. A helluva thing, that. I've long thought we were smoked, steamed and ready to be served up at Kenilworth Road, but credit to Deano and the boys for pulling themselves out of it. We're a funny ol' team, unbelievably foolish at the back especially pre-lockdown, often as dour as we ever were under future Real Madrid coach Steve Bruce (Steve, seriously, I'm sorry) but with Jack and a few of his wacky midfield cohort (and I mean wacky) we do occasionally allow for some good stuff. Huge work to be done over the summer (careful, lads, WOULDN'T WANNA DO A FULHAM 😏)

  10. 12 hours ago, Michael* said:


    It sounds like ITV owe Tyldesley and us at least some sort of explanation. Perhaps needless to say though, if it doesn't involve a potential free transfer to Sky and the possibility of a bellowed reveal by Martin Tyler of "and it's Clive!" then I'm not listening.

    Tyler, who always seemed so robustly competent, has definitely morphed into a dottier specimen over the last ten or so years, which might just be age related (74!), though I'm a believer commentators should be at least 60 anyway as only fair weather Twitter types, the kind who rush to make photoshop mock ups of their team's supposed transfer targets wearing the club kit, would want a wee tyke on the mic during a game that had anything riding on it. I also suspect the reaction to the primal Aguero howl went to Martin's head a bit, did the dreaded catchphrase start before or after that? 

  11. A banner at every empty stadium demanding the reinstatement of Clive Tydesley as ITV's number one commentator? Seems the least 'we' can do. Matterface? More like Getouttamyface!

  12. On 7/6/2020 at 9:52 PM, Michael* said:


    I would think so. The biggest concern of the EFL will probably be less about their duty of care, more the fact that it'll be near impossible to have a sensible league competition if half the clubs in the lower divisions have to start a new season on minus twelve points, but I'd imagine they'll exercise caution as a result. At least for the time being.

    Presumably Wigan are the first club to go into administration and win a game 8-0 less than two weeks later.

  13. Christian Purslow has the gift of the gab to the extent that he could probably convince me that my legs are in fact made of candle wax, but we are so thunderously pants as a footballing entity it begs belief. Bruce may as well have laid out a red carpet and said "we can't be bothered today, go beat us" but no, we started playing with five minutes to go, but not before being out thought by a mutton chopped 76 year-old Andy Carroll. League games against Coventry beckon and I tell ya, I ain't ready for it!

  14. Played reasonably well against a decent team who arguably humiliated us in the reverse fixture, such was the gulf in ability. But golly gee, I don't think I have the stomach for all these games, ours or anyone else's.

  15. I have a big enough sample size now to safely say the BT Sport Bundesliga commentator, hyper at the best of the times, needs to take it down several notches for games in our new reality. Set an example in your chosen field, you over eager dafty, by not smothering me with endless inane babbling or forcing Owen Hargreaves' dreary cadence upon my ears when he clearly wants to be left alone, let me bathe in the echoes and silence from time to time, let me hear the benches and the on pitch shouting and see if my knowledge of German swear words is improving. Thank you.    

  16. On 4/4/2020 at 3:17 PM, Michael* said:


    I reached the halfway point last night, planning on finishing up over the next couple of days. The emphasis seems to have shifted somewhat from the city and the fans to a "fly on the wall" style documentary primarily centred in the boardroom, with the series' trump card of course being our pursuit of Will Grigg last January. Not that the Donald and Methven show isn't grotesquely entertaining, it obviously is, I just can't help thinking that it's a little at odds with what we keep hearing about the club being "given back" to the fans. Perhaps needless to say though, it's still compulsive viewing.

    I'm halfway done now. The fans are definitely less of a presence this time around, which in some ways feels like a good move, as there are only some many slo-mo shots of irate/delirious fans any viewer of any persuasion needs. Also grateful that the "if we win on Saturday, it affects the whole city" stuff isn't being repeated twelve hundred times per episode, like in Season 1. The intro of episode 3 with the soldier guy seemed a case of "we shot it so we'll use it" but tonally it was jarring in an episode that was fairly light on its feet. That being said, I do miss some of the larger, wobblier elements. The players and coaches are reduced to essentially abstract concepts and one could be easily forgiven for thinking Sunderland won their first 25 games of the season given the show's fairly unbothered approach to showing the league table and such.

  17. Slowly sinking my teeth into Sunderland 'Til I Die 2.0, @Michael*. Charlie Methven is shaping up to be quite the character, sort of like David Brent, Richard Madeley and any Conservative Party cabinet minister rolled into one.

  18. On 7/10/2019 at 3:28 PM, Frederick said:

    The great thing about Ashley being such a world class roaster is that Bruce would/will get a fair bit of time, which means one can really feast on all the bitter press conferences and post-match delusional jibber jabber. 

    You're talking about a possible manager of the year candidate, you clown!

  19. 30 minutes ago, Michael* said:

    See you somewhere down the road, Jack Ross. The continuing defensive fragilities and apparent inability to create more than one or two chances per game made it very evident that lessons hadn't been learned from last season, with the Lincoln debacle certainly feeling like something of a tipping point.


    Rather than a legacy of failure though, I'd like to think Ross's will be one of an undoubtedly decent guy who weathered a storm of instability and, to some extent, restored order.

    Seemed from the outside JR just couldn't quite build enough momentum to pull the club from the play-off borderline into the leading pack. A few eye catching tonkings obviously doesn't help but my impression is there were just too many dour looking 1-1 draws that would follow a sequence of good results.

  20. 13 hours ago, Michael* said:


    I'd considered it the most random online spat of the year until recently, when I remembered about Paul Gascoigne vs Snoop Dogg over the summer.


    Tough to pick a winner of course, suffice to say I hope this is just the beginning of the pundit wars. Now for Hoddle and Merson to take each other out in some kind of simultaneous kamikaze effort.

    Given Owen has no natural football fan constituency AND is hampered by a chronic condition of Being Boring, I somewhat understand his craven attempts at flogging a book by leaning into his much mocked lack of basic humanity (five films, was it?) and trying for a bit of petty score settling. That he remains such a resoundingly uninteresting person in spite of all this is possibly his only non-horse racing related achievement for nearly twenty years. Shearer, who presumably shaves his head with an axe, would eat him with a tea spoon.

  21. On 7/10/2019 at 3:28 PM, Frederick said:

    The great thing about Ashley being such a world class roaster is that Bruce would/will get a fair bit of time, which means one can really feast on all the bitter press conferences and post-match delusional jibber jabber. 

    Fair to say this is living up to its billing so far. Right on cue I see ex-Villa court jester Micah Richards is - while on the license fee shilling - making a half hearted defence (Micah Richards? Half hearted defence? Say it ain't so!) of his not-really-ex-boss. How tediously predictable the world can be sometimes.


    Michael, what were your thoughts on the War of the Dullards between Shearer and Owen? 

  22. 15 hours ago, Michael* said:


    March 2020: Newcastle part company with manager Steve Bruce following a home defeat to Norwich. Bruce blames it on Newcastle fans being unwilling to accept his past as manager of Sunderland.

    The great thing about Ashley being such a world class roaster is that Bruce would/will get a fair bit of time, which means one can really feast on all the bitter press conferences and post-match delusional jibber jabber. 

  23. On ‎6‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 11:01 PM, Michael* said:

    Mark Lawrenson would be the dream for me, I think. You just know he'd be dying to end all the greetings with "not" in order to contradict his previous statement, a la Wayne's World in 1992. Which Lawro no doubt still considers cutting edge humour.

    "Hello Ray, it's Mark here. Your friend Steve wanted me to give you a shout out, but I didn't know what he was flaming on about because I'm not a teenage girl, Guy. So anyway, he told me Dingle Red Rovers FC won this year's Elite Invitational Pub Bantz competition. Haven't you lads got anything better to do, eh? What's next, face painting with your nan? Do me a favour, hey? Any one of you got a girlfriend? Anyway, apparently Ray wants me to grow back my moustache but you obviously haven't been paying attention because that's been gone for years and is not coming back. Underline that and staple it to your forehead, Dan. Anyway, happy Fathers Day and (squints to read) you'll never walk alone. What do you mean, I'll never walk alone? I walk alone all the time, don't I? I went into Currys this morning and the chuffin' lot of them were useless, giving me all this swot stuff mumbo jumbo, I only went in for a screwdriver...." (continues for the next nine hours)

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