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  1. Genuine question. What was so terrible with Candice’s 2013 opening? It is one of the most universally praised walks both in here and outside of BZ. So what do you see in it that is so bad?
  2. Behati didn’t open a segment. She was in the middle for Downtown. Or am I misremembering?
  3. ^ so, at this point, all of the current angels have opened. Out of all the Angels that VS has had throughout the years, Jac, Kate, Rosie and Izabel did not open a segment.
  4. I just realized that VS must be pretty damn proud of those parachute wings to give one to Gigi. They know that by giving it to her it will be one of the outfits that will get A LOT of press. It just shows VS’s lack of taste.
  5. ^ But it would never come close to 100 million. Not even half that. Ed overdoes it with the exaggeration.
  6. ^ not a bad walk. She was a little excessive with the cape tho.
  7. This is a place for women and gays to discuss an annual fashion show. You won’t find any clients here. Lol
  8. Agreed. The choir was corny and unnecessary to me as well. What’s weird is I usually like choirs for the show. It classes the show up a bit. But this one was indeed corny / cringy and they just cluttered up the runway.
  9. I don’t think it’s the final edit. There’s not enough cuts to backstage / singer / audience / overhead shots for it to be the final edit. After it’s all said and done, we’ll probably see 5 seconds of Taylor’s opening. I know it has been said multiple times but it bears repeating - Taylor has a horrible walk. At least, she looks good. Singer sounds awful too.
  10. Winnie had 2 looks - Flight and MK.
  11. ^ shame. She made gorgeous wings.
  12. Unpopular opinion: I like Lameka’s outfit
  13. ^ Yikes! That could have been a Ming Xi level disaster. Why would they put 15 people on a very narrow runway? Some of the decisions made for this show are so poor.
  14. What the hell was that!? Lol.
  15. ^ All of it to be used as rags. Lol
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