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    2. Sunshiine

      No I had no idea what it was :chicken:

    3. Limerlight


      It's a farce on Rural Canada (set in a Rural Ontario town) that depicts the Hicks, Skids & Hockey players against and with each other. Seasons (3) are only each 6 episodes, but the one liner's and some of the references are just outstanding :rofl: Everyone I know loves it (we're mostly hockey players and hockey families mind you :p) if you get a chance to find some of episodes online give it a watch! Or if you know anyone with CraveTV. It's worth a try at least

    4. Sunshiine

      Oh I see! yes Hockey is a big thing in QC with our Canadians. It's our religion ahah. :laugh: I'll try to keep an eye out if I see it somewhere ! :happy:

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