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  1. Happy Birthday :wave:

  2. I need recent photos of Alexz guys, pleaseeee, if you have some...
  3. Happy Birthday :DDD

  4. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  5. Katy Perry had a little birthday party Saturday night (10/24) at Sunset Beach in Hollywood. Everyone attending wore white which helped make the paint fight later in the night all the more fun.
  6. Taylor Swift with a fan, who is wearing a t-shirt with a swastika on it, at Katy Perry's birthday at Sunset Beach in Hollywood. (10/24) The photo: http://current.com/items/91319479_taylor-s...ndal-photos.htm http://igossip.com/gossip/Taylor_Swift_Is_...&tag=518240 Taylor Swift doesn't know fan with Nazi symbol London, (ANI): A representative for Taylor Swift has come out to defend the singer for posing with a male fan wearing a T-shirt with swastika sign. The 'Love Story' hitmaker found herself in the soup after she posed with a young man wearing the Nazi symbol at Katy Perry's Hollywood birthday bash last weekend. However, her spokesperson has distanced the star from the unidentified fan by claiming she didn't even know him and she wasn't aware of what he was wearing. "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night... She doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realise what was on his shirt," the Daily Express quoted Swift's rep as telling TMZ.com
  7. She is the most beautiful girl in Twilight saga. I love her.
  8. I think she doesn't like celebrities stuffs like interviews, fans, autographs. <_<
  9. Adorable smile in the first photo.
  10. Jess Baby

    Emmy Rossum

    Newly divorced Emmy Rossum steps out with her new boyfriend, 45-year-old Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, at the 2009 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala at Lincoln Center
  11. Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable and his girlfriend, actress Odette Yustman, attend the Life Rolls on Foundation’s sixth annual Night by the Ocean gala at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on Sunday (October 4) in Hollywood.
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