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  1. LOL - Yeah. I've been alright, also hanging in there :] I never see you around here anymore or Cypress :[

  2. Heyyyy! Its fine.. I've been kind of busy with school because of exams all this week :[


    You have a site? What's the link?


    Peace,Love,&& Lima!

  3. Yeah, she's my half sister =D

    I want to meet her sooooooooooooooooooooooo



    bad words can't explainn!! Ever since i was like 8 years old to know i dream of meeting her!

    Yesss, that's a great idea.. but i don't think that they will listen. What are we going to ask them? Hi, I'm a hug fan of Adria

  4. Ohhhh. Well its blazing HOT over here so tanning anytime lol.


    Hm, this summer I'm going to go to NY for 2 weeks then OC for 2 weeks and the rest of the time I guess just chill, swim, and shop + celebrate my b-day in July!

  5. Yeah, I think i remember you.. how have you been? did the avatar directions work well for you?

  6. Hm! Great calculations lol :)

  7. Heyyy Leah! How are you?

  8. Awwhh!

    Thanks :] and your one of the sweetest guys here


    Peace & Love


    P.S : YAY!

    You remembered my name!


  9. Yeah I know (: I was inducted into the National Honor society too :D

    Yeah, its a high school class, but i quit because it just wasn't my thing :( All we did was learn about the air force and wear our air force uniforms every Thursday , go on trips, etc. Yehh, I love modeling<3 I'm not signed with any agencies yet but I do have a few professional pictures that I'm gonna scan ne

  10. Damn i just realized that you have a limit on writing in these damn comments lol but how is your business going? did you fix up your site for it yet?

  11. Ohhh.. I guess your never in the threads I'm in.. which is about only Adriana =D

    Well, I hope she's okay and not sick :[

  12. I'm good =D & You?

    how old are you btw?

  13. Late reply but thank you!

  14. Thank you so very much! =)

  15. Thank you :)

    Wow! you don't have a VS? Hopefully they will open up there soon..

    As for Ambercrombie. I don't shop there. I can't stand those clothes lol especially hollister because everyone here wears it.

  16. LOL - Hmm, that's some great tea =DD


  17. You sure are.

    & thankyou!

    I gave you 5 too!


  18. Yay! :D Lol! you need to go nominate.. eh?

    How have you been? I haven't talked to you in a while!! :(

  19. haha. Don't worry about it. I'm 15.


  20. Thanks:] I actually did

    better then i expect on the exams... Btw, nice site.. this is your business right?



    Much love


  21. I'm doing good also!

    Where are you from btw?

  22. I'm good!! Thanks for asking :) and you?

  23. Heyyyy! How are you?

  24. I'm 15 going on 16 =D

  25. Happy New Year to you too!!

    Yeah, I enjoyed my New Year.. and I hope you did the same :]

    ..And of course you will keep seeing be post in the Adri thread over and over the years :D

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