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  1. I think whoever is mad at Josephine for "copy" Adriana or the other angels, should send her tips. It's very funny how people just hate on something like a kiss or point everything. Is a runway, they will always do stuff like that lol. Calm downnnnnnn.
  2. It hurts but we are here for Bee no matter if she is working or not with VS. Let's wait, she will say something about the show soon.
  3. Quote this is if you want Bee to wear the Fantasy Bra this year!!!
  4. Hope she comeback soon with all her energy ❤
  5. I don't think so... But who knows
  6. You girls think that she is still an angel or Ed just edited it to calm everybody??
  7. I think that something is happening with VS, she loves them....
  8. He edited this because when he post that picture, he didn't mention Bee in the caption..
  9. I agree. She is in LA because her baby, we need to wait and see if she is coming to Aspen or not. We are not acting like is the end of the world, we only want to see her back at VS. But the fact that we dont know the real story is true.. I think is something more... I dont know if you understand what I mean.
  10. Omg. I really want to see her in Aspen ?
  11. I think she is in LA to see Dusty and then she can go to Aspen. Be positive
  12. I don't think so, she said in access Hollywood interview that she wants more babies but very soon, not now. That's what I understand, so I don't believe it. I really want her to be in the holiday commercial ❤
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