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  1. Sorry should have posted this at same time as the cropped version
  2. Annie Hardy is the frontwoman of Giant Drag - they used to be a duo but since last December Giant Drag has been just Annie. Here's a link to Wikipedia bio but it has some explicit language for those sensitive in that area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annie_Hardy "Hearts & Unicorns" is my favourite album of the last few years; it takes a few plays to grow on you but once it has you're hooked; I won't describe the music or direct you to myspace, you should invest in the album and you won't regret it. There aren't many photos around (I'm hoping others are better at finding than I am) but here are a few These 2 are from a gig in Manchester, England, last year Random:
  3. Just bought a 10 x 8 of this, don't remember seeing it before so sorry if a repost; trying to scan so can post it bigger but so far no success.........any scanning tips gratefully received
  4. I love nearly all of Scarlett's pictures but HATE this one; Ack said he thought it was a fake, well I sure hope it is, never seen her looking so cheap
  5. Really really love this one.........
  6. Here in the UK I don't recall seeing any dubbed films, they're always in the original language with subtitles, much better that way imho.......if I was a fan of a German actress I'd be a bit miffed if they dubbed her voice all the time........especially if it was as sexily husky as Scarlett's !!
  7. I suppose she's supposed to look "ordinary" in The Nanny Diaries but for some reason I find this pic really sexy
  8. Yeah but in this one she looks more like Jessica Alba.........
  9. Those bikini pics sure got your juices flowing Qball !!!
  10. It's official !!! What we already knew........ http://edition.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Movies...e.johansson.ap/ :evil:
  11. Apologies if any of these are reposts but I dont have time (or am too lazy) to check:
  12. Match Point Trailer http://www.canmag.com/news/4/3/2091
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