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  1. Instagram Mesmerizing eyes is an understatement.
  2. Ah, yes, the amazing artistry of washed out colours and a yellowish tint. We have dismissed that claim.
  3. Of course Stella is not smiling for the cameras when she is on the red carpet. Classic Stella.
  4. The VS Collective? Soon they will rename to the VS Squad, mark my words. Gotta get those retweets somehow.
  5. These Lavarice pics are awesome, I hope there will be plenty more to come.
  6. Thanks for the adds again. I think I might be dead because her killer smile has killed me.
  7. Thanks for all the adds. I hadn't visited this thread in a while and after seeing the last two pages I really want to say "Unleash the freckles!".
  8. Well, I for one discovered her today thanks to this thread and I am already sad there aren't more pics of her posted here .
  9. Someone call 911, Kelly is on fire.
  10. Not even VS's dumb white wall can stop Taylor's hotness.
  11. They sure showed the world what happens when you bring Inclusivity and almost nothing else. Indeed, they are so involved that they have left the beautiful photos behind.
  12. I am not a fan of Gilles Bensimon but even so I have to say his previous shoots for Maxim usually impressed me a lot more than this one. Though with this make-up there wasn't that much he could do.
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