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  1. I dont like her hands, i know is stupid but she has weird hand moves when she poses or send kisses 🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. So... with how many brands VS is collaborating with?
  3. Watch them add Lameka as their new woc angel, WICH WOULD BE A VERY BAD DECISION CUZ SHE IS NOT A GOOD MODEL. But again, they have martha and romee as angel aswell, so who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️
  4. That dress is just.... not good. The hair and makeup on the other hand is flawless.
  5. Hated Bee's dress loved her face and viceverse with Elsa love her dress hated her face, can she even move her face anymore? Lol Sara's dress is my fave with Lais's dress Jas's is kida meh aswell as Jo's Martha's dress loked too mature, something glenn close would wear. Tay with that beauty can wear anything and still look like a doll
  6. Yup. Its GG, Dusty is bigger and with longer hair. The Levine's made one type of baby.
  7. She just posted the versace logo on ig stories
  8. The funny thing about recycling lingerie is that the new photos should be better than the old ones... which in this case didnt happen 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. If Alexander Wang does a show she might be an exclusive for him, who knows tho
  10. Somewhere in the inyerview she said she WAS under contract with VS... so she isn't anymore?? Or is just a verb used wrong?
  11. Dayum if that is the best of the year, cant imagine how the worst looks like 💜
  12. I'm not sure but is it behati the one in the white sweater with blue glasses?
  13. Well on an interview when she was promoting SKII she said it was to early for another one and then BOOM! Gio was here lol https://youtu.be/xCf18qpYlgM
  14. SHE WALKED THE SHOW PREGNANT YALL, besides Fenty which other lingerie show has ever hired a pregnant girl?
  15. The thing is not every brand has all the sizes, not eve the ones that claim to be inclusive. I'm a large girl, i love my body the way it is. The thing is i'm not mad at VS because they dont hire plus size models, i mean why would they? I dont see people arguing because VERSACE or MOSCHINO dont use Plus Size girls. Every brand has the right to hire whoever they want, their target is certain type of body and thats okay. These days people cant say a thing cuz everyone thinks they are not being inclusive...
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