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  1. or she dropped out for unknown reasons..
  2. From what I understood the VS collective won't be like what the Angels were. Candice continued to work with them after her contract ended and she will probably still work if they ask her. I agree with you. I hope she leaves VS completely behind and add lingerie in Tropic of C.
  3. Her contract with Victoria's Secret ended in 2018. She was finally done with them for years now.
  4. She is singed with CAA fashion, its a modeling agecny like IMG, Elite,Ford etc . Her post doesnt make sense, I hope will we see more work from her in the future.
  5. she has not deleted the videos (yet,at least).
  6. Harper's Bazaar Singapore September 2020.
  7. https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/candice-swanepoel-to-be-represented-by-the-lions-model-management-1203532778/
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