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  1. I just hadn't seen you so I was being nosy. :) Take a trip?

  2. I gave you that 5th star because you are you but it's not showing up...:( maybe later. ;)

  3. I have to tell you that you are such a good poster.....wtg!

  4. o' course the fire is still there.......don't show it much but I can go from zero to stormy in a sec! hahaha


  5. wtg=way to go! haha I might be back on Tori, probably never left but when I saw Cannes pics and got a message from her today, I felt like I was a betrayer so I better go back! haha She has another event to go to so I'm anxious to see dresses on that. She's looking amazing, huh? Anyway, just wanted to tell you WTG! haha and keep up the good work.

  6. Happy birthday to you!

  7. Happy birthday to you! I hope this year brings you every single thing your heart desires. Only the cool things. :D

  8. She wanted to tell me that she'd been really busy and sorry for not gettin in touch sooner. She' s been working non-stop. Then, I wrote a quick note back asking about the designers of the dresses she wore and if there were any more. She said, one more but she hasn't made up her mind what to wear yet. That was almost all, just chatter. You haven't seen her Cannes Pics???? You have t

  9. I get such a kick out of you! You are always good for a laugh!

  10. That was so sweet for you to wish me Happy b-day, PC! Thank you. I'm legal now! LOL

  11. OMG! you have some great pics on this page! especially Joaquin!! OOOOHHH! hehe


  12. pillows get ummm..soiled and need to be drycleaned sometimes. :D

  13. Happy b-day! Do something really out of the ordinary and have a great day!

    (smile and handing out cake)

  14. Hi to you, PC! That was such a sweet getsture.

  15. Happy Birthday! And, I want to tell you that I love looking at your avi and sig! Such an "I rule and you better believe it" picture! (Cake on your birthday, any kind you like!)

  16. oops! sorry about the spelling of gesture......my darn keyboard makes those mistakes sometimes. ;)

  17. Thanx, Pinky, for the bday wishes! How old do I have to be b4 I actually grow up?



  18. I don't "do" gross, thank you veddy much. Me and Lady Fatale are two peas in a pod......ladies...;)

  19. Hi, you sweet thang! Thanx so much for the bday wishes. I really, really loved hearing from you.



  20. Thanx so much for the bday wishes! How sweet of you to take the time.



  21. It's your birthday! Happy birthday...I'm sending cake over :)

  22. Hi, my buddy, my pal! Thanx a jillion for the bday wishes. It was just great hearing from you. We must talk soon. ;)



  23. Haven't talked to you in a long time. How are ya'? (waves)

  24. haha Thanx a bunch!!! It takes a potload of time, I bet..thanx again.

  25. Happy birthday!!! I'd sing but it would ruin your day. :D

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