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  1. January 7, 2021 marked the premier of season 22 of Blank Surfaces.  Due to Covid-19 we have been doing most interviews remotely.  Our 2021 Host include Model Bella Lyn

    Bella Bellazon 2021 A.jpg Bella Bellazon 2021 B.jpg Bella Bellazon 2021 C.jpg
  2. Sharing some images from the 20+ years of Blank Surfaces

    Lance Myrtle Beach.jpg Lance Pool.jpg
  3. Currently working on world wide promotions for Wolf Entertainment's Wave of Love Festival.  This 24 hour event will be held on May 8, 2021.  Seeking talent from tween to adult. I will share some stills of new talents soon.

  4. Payton Rae and Alexis Steffan

  5. Alexis Steffan is a 12-year-old 4th generation race car driver for Combs’ Family Racing. She placed 3rd in her division for the 2019 season. Alexis is an on-camera personality for Across the Canvas Productions. She appears regularly on Blank Surfaces. She is an actress & model. She is featured in the new music video for Dawg Gone Davis’ song Judge Not Rap Yes. Alexis is a competitive kick boxer and wrestles on her school's wrestling team.


    Alexis Steffan 1905.jpg Alexis Steffan 1909.jpg alexis-03-a.jpg
  6. Sample from a recent shoot with Alexis Steffan a 4th generation racecar driver, mode, actress, kickboxer, and wrestler.

    0881 Post.jpg
  7. Currently working on a music video for Dawg Gone Davis' song Judge Not Rap yes. Aside from Dawg Gone Davis the video features Robert Dane Goodwin and Aleixis Steffan.

    0442 A.jpg Robert Dane Post.jpg

  8. I have been working with Alexis Steffan the 12-year-old driver of the #3 Jr Mini Cup for Combs Family Racing, Competitive Kickboxer, and aspiring model. 

    Alexis 01.jpg Alexis 02.jpg Alexis 03.jpg Alexis 04.jpg Alexis 8022.jpg Alexis 8035.jpg Alexis 8037.jpg
  9. I recently did a shoot at Bobby Watson's Carteret County Speedway with Alyssa Bell the current Miss North Carolina Queen of Hope. She raises money for the St Jude's Research Hospital.

    Alyssa 7616 Bellazon.jpg
  10. Alexis Steffan 12-year-old competitive kick boxer and driver of the #3 Jr Mini Cup for Comb's Family Racing at a fund raising event for Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation. The event was held June 29, 2019 at The Fuzzy Peach 4157 Western Blvd #200, Jacksonville, NC 28546.


    6153.jpg 6154.jpg 6168.jpg 6170.jpg
  11. Morgan Odum and Carmen Odum

    Morgan Sponsors.jpg
  12. Morgan Odum,14-year-old driver of the #17 Jr Mini Cup for Odum's Motorsports, photographer, spokesperson, and model.

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg
  13. Brooke McIntyre is a newcomer to the New York Fashion Shows this season.  She just returned from her second trip of the year. Here are some sample shots I took while she was working on Blank Surfaces.

    Brooke McIntyre 01.jpg Brooke McIntyre 02.jpg Brooke McIntyre 03.jpg Brooke McIntyre 04.jpg Brooke McIntyre 05.jpg

  14. Mini Tyrrell and Bob Lowery on location at Bobby Watson's Carteret County Speedway in Swansboro, NC for Bobby Watson's Christmas Celebration. Clip from Blank Surfaces episode 19.51 hosted by Morgan Odum that will air on December 23, 2018.
    Mini Tyrrell interview

    4755.jpg 4765 B.jpg
  15. Hylea Pyles - dancer

    Poster 18 52.jpg
  16. Gregory Rowe took home his 3rd North American Sports Karate Association National Championship in January of 2018.


  17. Hylea Pyles is the daughter of Grand Master Dean Pyles and has been appearing on Blank Surfaces since 2009.


  18. I am spending the weekend updating the IMDB pages. I took over Directing Pleasure Island Conversations in 2017.



  19. Blank Surfaces is an entertainment video journal that has a wide variety of guest. I like to take their pictures when working on set of the program or other projects: Like the short films or PSA styled promotional videos. Here is Noel Baker and Sarah O'Brian.

    1000 Noel.jpg 1000 Sarah.jpg
  20. Here is a photograph that I took of Kimber Bentley. She is a back-to-back North American Sports Karate Association National Champion in her division. 


  21. Taylor Long a 16 year old singer and athlete who now acts and models.  She is a spokesperson for Eno River Media

    Taylor Sample 17.png
  22. I recently did a modeling test shoot with Taylor Long here is a sample

    5720 A.jpg
  23. I will be making the rounds in Florida from Jacksonville to Fort Walton Beach via Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  Once I head out of Fort Walton Beach I will head north to Greenville, South Carolina for a 3 day shoot and then back to WIlmington.  I will share samples from my journey when I return.

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