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  1. Just gonna act as if everything is normal here .... Thx everyone for the pics and videos, what a red carpet !!! amazing cast, I can't wait to see the movie !
  2. Thx everyone for the latest news ! I can’t wait for Cannes Leo !! Wish I could have go (Also, some people really believe they kill people for the purpose of a movie ?...)
  3. So Happy for Grace ! Did I miss the official announcement that Lily was out ? did she say something ?
  4. finally some neeeewwsss I'm so happy ! (hi everyone ) I'm SO excited about the movie it already looks great !
  5. haven't been here in a while (hi everyone) so who's definitely leaving ? there's no way everyone is staying right ? Lily and Behati maybe ?
  6. She looks absolutely stunning !! Love her new hair !
  7. OK that dancing piiiiic ! Margot also looks amazing on the other pictures. I can't wait !!!
  8. How cool is that pic from the set of Titanic ! I wish we had a proper making of the movie
  9. I've been away from here for too long ! happy new year everyone, it's finally the come back of Leo on the big screen He looks great thx everyone for the news and pics !
  10. So .... this is the place we come to discuss his relationships what do you all think these days ?
  11. She looks great and seem happy, I hope that’s the case, I wonder what it will change for her career, it looks like she wants to be more « out there »
  12. 😂 This moment will never get old. I agree that the Globes are usually more fun than the Oscars, people are having fun at their tables and enjoying the night
  13. I was freezing too !! That’s probably why I don’t remember 😂 Damn I’d love to smell Jude Law ! What is it with all the smell talk ?
  14. haha no, I should ask if she noticed! I don't even remember what he smells like 😂 it usually goes too fast. I know I like his hand grip and his eyes are absolutely mesmerizing when you're close to him, that's the first thing I noticed also I remember telling myself "he really sounds like jack" which is completely stupid
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