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  1. Speaking of angels, are Candice and Elsa very much still considered Angels? Or have they unofficially left the lineup?
  2. ugh, just realized around sometime this year is when we typically get news about castings, people start speculating about the themes if VSFS was still around and the fandom starts coming back to life. Good times. I miss y'all.
  3. Ah, this saddens me. Guess there's no more pretty to marvel at anymore :(. Best guess as to how long VS will last? Hey you! I'm good, thanks for asking. Life could be be better but I'll take it the way it is now. Sorry to hear that your brothers got furloughed. I'm experiencing a huge pay cut myself. Fret not, I'm sure things will look up in no time, you and I have just gotta hang in there!
  4. Popping in here to check on the following few people. COVID-19 has hit everyone hard and I hope you guys are safe and well. @Clauds @Prettyphile @ThePinkDiet @GlitterAndWings @Fashionsketcher @Limerlight @Dipit @heartwing @PinkCouture and also to everyone else who I may have forgotten. Kinda bumped to see VS faring so poorly. Genuinely wonder if VSFS2018 will be the last fashion show we'll ever see from the company. It does feel like maybe VS has fallen from grace and will continue to do so as the months/years go by. Side note to everyone else reading this, stay safe and stay strong.
  5. Curious question, but wasn't there a supposed insider's news back 2018 that Taylor (potentially) was no longer an angel? I get Leomie being placed alongside the other models, but find it weird that Taylor is there. Gives me vibes that she's been "downgraded". I know certain angels have been placed alongside non-angels for a shot but seeing Taylor there just screams "VS doesn't love her anymore". I'm probably reading too much into this but anyone care to debunk supposed rumor about Tay not being an angel? Also, yes to Sui being used for a non-Asian only context based marketing campaign, good to see her in the picture after they did her dirty in 2018. With Ming being too busy with caring for her baby, Sui is the only Chinese face that has worked long enough for VS for the brand to feel comfortable using her in their campaign. Pity this didn't happen earlier or she could have been an angel, maybe that can still happen if the new acquisition of the brand can turn things around and make VSFS happen... Edit: Didn't know Jasmine was in the New Neutrals campaign. Shit, girl barely had a presence. Still, my question about Taylor stands. What happened to Stella too btw?
  6. Think Romee and Sui are currently shooting for next year's Lunar New Year campaign. Did Ming, Sara and Sui all shoot some time around this time of the year in 2018 when they did the 2019 CNY campaign too? If so, then there's our answer. Also, congratulations to Ming for giving birth to a baby boy.
  7. I guess that leaves Barb F out for this year's show? Unless she's so hardcore that she'd work as a fitting model while pregnant even.
  8. You didn't read a damn thing I said because you iz ignorant, boi.
  9. I'm sorry, and as much as I don't want to, I'm just gonna say it. This is just fucking dumb. Are you telling me models like Selita, Chanel or hell, even Tyra isn't representative or impactful enough just cause they're light skinned? You talk about diversity but you wanna split black/brown women into lighter or darker skin tone. Chanel might be part Korean, but she's just as any part black than any other models. Selita Ebanks is of African descent but you're going to imply she means less just cause she's lighter in skin tone? What the actual fuck, mate? As if these women woke up wanting to be lighter skin tone? But no, instead we talk about we need to have a model who needs to dark in skin tone. Are you forgetting Jasmine? Oh wait, is Jasmine not dark enough for you? Is Jasmine's work with VS not significant enough that you would disregard her and call her lighter skin tone? A black model is a black model, Chanel/Selita/Leomie/Tyra/Jasmine are all blacks regardless of whatever color spectrum they fall under. They walked shows and made history, and you're here complaining about the variation of the skin tone? Not today. You do not get to play the race card today. This isn't about Ming or Sui not being good enough to be Asian Angels. This is about how VS had a good 9-10 years since Liu Wen's casting at 2009 to find an Asian that would be a good face for the brand and yet still can't find anyone. Hell, who cares about Ming or Sui at this point? Pick an Asian models off the streets like Jessie Li and cast her and I bet you that screams more diversity than Leomie Anderson at this point because VS has never had an Asian angel. But nooo, here we are, talking about how it matters to have a dark or lighter skin tone black model, while creating an unnecessary caste within an ethnicity that's faced enough adversity as it is. Why would you even think to talk about the variation of skin color if you're all about diversity? Bloody hell, you root and be happy for a model of color when she gets made an angel because its a win for everyone. But you know who else could use that win better now? That's right, the Asians. Oh wait let me phrase it in your weird logic. But Chanel is part Korean, we techically have an Asian representative already. Or maybe... Ming is Chinese enough, but wait, we need Sui cause she pale white AF. See how stupid that sounds? Let's just all admit VS made a ballsy move and the most major publicity surrounding Leomie is that she's another model of color. Y'all touchy as fuck whenever a model of color gets mentioned but look at people talking about "model of color this" and "model of color that". The topic about color will inevitably come into the spotlight. This ain't about Leomie's personal success too. I have nothing against the model and I'm excited to see what she brings to the table but let's be real about the fact that we could use an Asian, because VS' Asian Market is huge and nominating Leomie as an angel is a big slap to Asian consumers. Not today, son. You do not get to play the race card today.
  10. Nuh uh, lady. Don't start it! Not today!!! (I'm sorry). But seriously, we've had black models walking in and out VS for years, we had dark-skinned model, though some will argue light dark-skinned models holding angel contracts. Meanwhile, we have 2 prominent Asian models walking the show and VS does nothing about it. This isn't about Leomie's success, but talking about ethnicity or race is inevitable when VS made such a ballsy move. Be it for publicity or diversity's sake, it's a huge slap to the Asian market that has been supporting them for years. Besides, it's not resenting if the social media is talking about dark and light dark-skinned models. We should be celebrating dark skinned models of all color tones but we still have people, I repeat, black people arguing amongst themselves about whether light skinned models like Chanel/Selita are on Leomie's skin color level. Fact is, VS could have focused on getting an Asian angel but they didn't and thought another black model is a good publicity move. This, I cannot agree. It's a bad marketing move.
  11. Downright salty VS has time for a redhead, a dark-skinned model, but no love for an Asian? Who are they kidding ? Genuinely surprised with the selection of Leomie and would love to see what she brings to the lineup, but am not terribly in a hurry to see her get elected. Love that she brings a breathe of fresh air though but I honestly thought VS could do with an Asian for publicity's sake. @CandleVixen also, henlo. Saw your post on the VSFS thread, thought I'd reply here :3. Hello @Clauds ❤️ Hello @PinkCouture @Fashionsketcher @GlitterAndWings @medicenevs @Limerlight and hello everyone else too.
  12. So... whose gonna start the VSFS2019 thread, if there is a show this year that is... @PinkCouture @Clauds?
  13. Just gonna show y'all some... uh... rather traumatizing images of some China fashion shows copying VSFS. Side note, I do think these grannies are killing it. Just that, well, the image will stick for awhile
  14. Just curious, but did anyone notice that Maggie Laine nearly slipped and fell while she was walking in PINK? Or is it just my eyes deceiving me? You can see a slight misstep from 3:30 - 3:33
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