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  1. to all hatera please dont tell everyday haow you can better working than Barbara, better looking than Barbara just go and do it why dont you go and make model management if you knows everything better please let allow cca 1000 people enjoy Barbara works instead of reading everyday 7 smurfs crying
  2. Summer Relaxation–Italian brand iBlues taps leading model Barbara Palvin for its spring-summer 2014 campaign. The Hungarian model looks all smiles and relaxation in these sunny images shot on location at the beaches of Italy’s Forte dei Marmi. Barbara is perfectly ladylike wearing daytime dresses, lightweight knits and white blouses. And in case you missed it, see Barbara’s recent denim ads for Twin Set. http://entertainment.worldnewsviews.com/2014/02/25/barbara-palvin-gets-some-r-and-r-in-iblues-spring-2014-ads/
  3. Kazahstanian Cosmopolitan cover soo sad this topic fullfilled with fashion uneducated bigtolderz it was last place without haters or rarely haters somebody tell me please why I dont go everyday to Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift topic to tell always, my dog has more nice sound the them together, why I not opened at all in my life any person topic to not interesting to me. Whats the problem with me why I never go to place shit to any topic instead of toilette I understand you read on twitter Barbara today waiting for her sister and not working and this upset to you but there is many way to calm downed yourself why dont you go with laser pointer playing against ants or just simple reading-watching some interesting article, so many interesting thing on this Earth instead of always hating everything what you dont understand. there will be a moment when you die and you will remember for your life and that will awful moment you will see and you will begging to go back and repaire everything but you couldnt anymore, that will terrible moment I promise, I overlived once. so last time I ask you please dont cyclic redundant parroting bullshits from Barbara here in Barbellazon, there is dozens anti Palvin places everywhere
  4. Barbara Palvin black tux For Elle Style Awards Model Barbara Palvin wore an all-black look (save for the cobalt blue clutch) and she balanced her strict suited outfit by letting her hair loose and opting for minimal makeup. A formal yet relaxed look.
  5. Miss Mannga Italian ver and awesome art http://thefashionfruit.com/loreal-paris-miss-manga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y8YAPwKA4E
  6. OMG Barbara kissing with Jan in A.P.C ad
  7. interesting, this Hi Im Barabara Palvin slogen since many month ago not heard and maybe Beanpole dress, and same hair as last Sept and instyle
  8. Barbara palvin Beauty Genius Happy Valentine 超模Barbara与粉BB的约会日记 http://www.filedropper.com/barbarapalvinbeautygeniushappyvalentine
  9. ELLE Style Awards: Barbara Palvin Will Own The Red Carpet One Day! http://moejackson.com/2014/02/19/elle-style-awards-barbara-palvin-will-own-the-red-carpet-one-day/ I dot want plane att more articles other mediums but just one word we get the most beautiful girl of this Planet perfect conent everything, pictures, videos and almost day by day and its all FREE so after who start crying, sooo, no comment i planned translate to solve some conspiracy theory from Barbara but it so long but in my mind always and later I will published
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