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  1. His name is James Goldstein and he's a famous NBA fan. Plus that home he has, is a very famous and literally every big star has had at some point a photoshoot there. It's kinda hilarious. But to be fair, it's a gorgeous home. If you want to read a bit more about the house: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheats–Goldstein_Residence
  2. She's gorgeous but her team is really trying too hard to make her a fashion icon. And don't even get me started on Chalamet.
  3. L’Oréal had a show in Paris, no Doutzen. Safe to say they dropped her? They even had Amber Heard walk the runway.
  4. Is she channeling Elizabeth Holmes here?
  5. She wore this sexy outfit and no one took a shot from behind. Good job photographers. 😠
  6. John Mulaney is the homewrecker. A drug addict and a cheater. He wrecked his own home.
  7. She always kills it at these events.
  8. No. There are things we absolutely don't have to accept. This is ABSOLUTELY one of those things. This is a private forum and thankfully that stuff is not allowed. Internet is gigantic, there are other places people can indulge in their deviant desires. Just not here.
  9. That's probably the best thing she did in a long time considering that her "fight for the truth" on social media has most likely cost her millions of dollars.
  10. No problem. Anyways, no one really stands out to me (in a good way). No one is really sexy (like Barbara's shoots few years ago). Also, in so many photos the girl has exactly the same facial expression. Would it hurt to mix it up a bit with emotions? Goes to bad direction from photographers I guess. All in all. Bland, forgettable product.
  11. VideoDownload Helper addon for Firefox (it's on Chrome too) downloads just fine. Just tried it.
  12. I don't mind a lot women with different types of bodies being represented in the fashion industry. It's absolutely needed. But why in Sports Illustrated? Some of these girls look on the edge of heart attack if they ran half a mile. What exactly is "Sports" about that?
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