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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day! ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. asked her if she got the tiffany campaign on twitter.. and she answered! yessss! she got it! : )
  4. wow i havent posted in here in ages!! but yes thats the picture i posted to her twitter.. i met her on 5th ave about a year ago, shes soo sweet! she even wrote back to me on twitter! she said : [email protected] ooh yes I remember, thank you for the picture! hope everything is well in your life:)
  5. what the fuck? really? how'd you know it was her. I was in LDN today!!! its pretty easy to spot her out in a crowd of english girls hah she was so longgg and gorgeous, she was trying on really high heels and walking around testing em, people just starrred! the poor sales girl looked like a child next to andi she was gorgeous!
  6. i just saw andi trying on shoes at top shop in london on oxford street, she was divine!
  7. press on adriana in the fantasy bra! http://www.bastardly.com/2008-adriana-lima...antasy-bra-1016
  8. poutykisses


    adriana in the fantasy bra! http://www.bastardly.com/2008-adriana-lima...antasy-bra-1016
  9. ok i think im just gunna try it no matter what haha but im not sure which, should i try to have her sign the photo or should i give her the photo of us with a message written on the back? i think i might just give her the picture, ill have her autograph one of her obsessions photos anyway. that would be so cool if i could actually give it to her! shed have a picture of me. weird! ahha
  10. guys would it be lame if i gave her a copy of the picture we took when i met her? lol like write something on the back and give it to her at the signing? is that too weird? haha
  11. ahhhh i just saw itt!! omg i cant WAIT to meet her again on the 26th!!
  12. im watching it now! shes coming up soon!
  13. omg that victorias secret is insaneeeeeeeeeeeee!!! im so glad that shes finally an angel and vs is finally classing it up!
  14. omg the vs is amazing!! im loving the allure too!! ahh im counting down the days till the 26th!!!
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