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  1. With the way things are in the world, I'm okay with this. Sucks for the girls that were signed last, though.
  2. I started buying my bathing suits from there! After VS ended their swimsuit line I held onto this one bikini for a while because it fit me correctly and it's hard for me to find any that actually fit, and because they did bra sizes it was perfect. Well when they came back with swim, hardly ANY larger sizes in the chest. It was terrible...so that's when I discovered Venus.com and even when digging on the site, they do have some cute clothes that fit well. I've made quite a few purchases from them.
  3. I told myself I'd stop coming here because there's nothing now, but I'm secretly waiting for some sort of massive bombshell to drop about everything and anything. 😜
  4. If I'm not mistaken, China is over the hump and can start to get back to normal. USA has a long way to go because not everyone is complying, so we are in our new normal. EDIT: Just kidding. China is closing itself off again. I dunno. It's all hard to keep up with. Ignore me. Carry on.
  5. I just need the tea to keep being poured!! I want more!
  6. On the Lindsay topic: I loved her as an Angel and she's one of the few ex Angels that I still follow. I looooove her Insta and you can't deny that her husband isn't cute to look at. I decided to give her Wander Beauty products a try and I'm now obsessed. In fact, I just received another order today.
  7. The BTS video in London...zero Christmas vibes and I DIDN'T SEE ANY WINGS. 😠 And agreed to the others above, I don't see myself shopping at VS this Christmas which will be a first in many, many years.
  8. I've been getting a lot of compliments when I wear Haven, so I'll definitely buy Summit as well! Hopefully she will sign bottles again.
  9. No VSFS, no fantasy bra (that we know of?), VS Christmas has zero Christmas feel...the most boring year in VS.
  10. I'm not getting that VS magical Christmas feel from any of those photos.
  11. Same! I miss coming from work and getting on here to many missed pages.
  12. Man, I always miss the good stuff. To clarify, I'm aware Behati is no longer an Angel, but her fans will still complain if she's not wearing the purple bra. what I said was a joookkeee.
  13. Interesting and exciting! I really hope this is successful for her, she deserves it.
  14. Any of the Angels except for Behati just so the Bee fans can continue to seethe. ::evil:: (Personally, I would love to see Behati wearing the fantasy bra, but her fans ruin it for me.) Or, justice for Lily and that hideous bra.
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