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  1. I might regret saying this......... but what the hell.

    The intro to Tip Your Bartender by Glassjaw, which is also the very beginning to their album Worship and Tribute always gets me mega-pumped.

    Yes I like glassjaw... I truely believe they are a diamond in the extremely gay rough.

  2. :shock: wow, i have to say im happy all this is confined to one thread, but honestly, finding imperfections in people from the three most attractive professions existing (modelling, acting and music if you wondered), thats pretty scummy.

    I wonder why most celebrities steer clear of the internet.

    I guess this all shouldn't be taken too seriously though, but a few of you need to book yourselves for a reality check *cough cough* NEO NEO NEO NEO *cough*.

  3. hmmm im actually not 100% sure that's the lady. It most likely is, but as i said, it's a favour to a friend that brings me to finding out who she is, I never paid extra-close attention to the ads.

    Thanks heaps for finding the photos though, I cant believe I didnt see them... I'm usually good at this sort of thing.

  4. That girl on the Gainsville furniture ad with the major "side-boob".

    The crazy female-operatic music is playing in the background.

    Can anyone help? I assume only Aussies will know the answer, but i need to know her name. Thanks in advance


    i didnt like the second most recent ISIS album (I'm assuming it was the first... dont know the name), but only gave it a quarter of a listen.

    Then I went to the Dillinger Escape Plans in-store signing session and in the store it was held, they were playing the new ISIS album. I really wanted to get the album.... still havent gotten around to them.

  5. OMG thank you Persuzan, just saw these today...! :wub:

    did you saw the new commercial?(it's in the site...)...

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!-!-!- :kiss:

    I love her so much!!!

    I went into some sort of trance when it came on the tv. That music..... it lets me know Miranda is near.

  6. I may return to this topic later, to give a more in depth review of accents :), but right now I'd just like to say that Claires accent on Lost is the WORST Aussie accent I've ever heard. It sounds like she should be doing voice work for that episode of the simpsons where they come here (hehe - B-EEER). It is probably closer to a New Zealand accent (which IMO is kinda cool).

    On a slightly off-note, but I dont want this thread to turn into a tv thread again - dont you find it funny that only one person on Lost has an aussie accent, and probably 80% have Northern American accents.

  7. Faith No more - AD, KFAD, TRT.

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Natural History of...

    Mr.Bungle - Self-Titled, California.

    Glassjaw - Worship & Tribute

    Deltron - Deltron 3030

    Fantomas - Directors Cut

    The Locust - Plague Soundscapes

    Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the yard

    Roadrunner United - The Allstar Sessions

    Strapping Young Lad - Alien & City

    Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip

    The Dillinger Escape Plan - All

  8. Kubolski.gif

    I know you've only listened to one song from Nick Caves latest, but i really like that album... it's a bit of an exception to most of my other music.... but then again, I think everything I listen to is an exception to the next thing.

    All the metal heads bag me for listening to Glassjaw... I know that Darryl sounds like a regular emo, but for him it's not forced. He pioneered the sound... so fuck you stubborn metal heads.

    Here's my page again

    My Mike Patton consumption has been cut down somewhat, although he still gets a regular listen...

    Sleeptime Gorilla Museums 'Natural History of...' album is really standing out for me more than it ever has, absolutely love it.

    Dillinger Escape Plan's Calculating Infinity has overtaken the 'Irony is a Dead Scene' EP and 'Miss Machine' album and is now my favourite Dillinger disc.

    The Locust, Deltron 3030, Fantomas and Roadrunner United all have relatively long albums, so they are probably unfairly represented on my list, although I do love them all.

    R.United is an awesome album that could have been even better given some more studio time.

    I think that's all I have to say... :bounce:

  9. Bullet For My Valentine



    Funeral For A Friend





    Demon Hunter

    Mars Volta

    Avenged Sevenfold


    Ferocious Mopes


    Arctic Monkeys

    Dropkick Murphys.... so many more

    You have odd taste in music. Not saying good or bad or otherwise... just oddly diverse in a way that's not really hugely diverse. I wouldnt expect one person to go from Trivium to Qotsa, Mastodon to Lost Prophets, Mars Volta to Soilwork etc. Good on you though.

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