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  1. Happy Birthday safin and 5 stars for your avi, lol :D

  2. Yeah, I took my thread down. No good reason why I did so really, it was an impulse decision.

    I'm doing great! How have you been? I moved back to Vegas. ;)

  3. yeah, i was looking through the girls threads and didnt see yours, i thought you had 1 but oh well i came back to see whats up, i've been gone for a long time, hope you've been good

  4. I see you were lurking at my profile... nice to see you're back. :)

    I've been on and off for a while...

  5. ^^freakin sweet i loved that show thanks
  6. safin83


    yeah if roger dont win this year he'll never win it, and i think its safina's time
  7. 1. metallica- leper messiah 2. kittie- last goodbye 3. brujeria- chingo de mecos 4. kittie- choke 5. deftones- passenger 6. suicidal tendencies- institutionalized 7. metallica- wherever i may roam 8. six feet under- bonesaw 9. metallica- mercyful fate 10. deftones- back to school
  8. safin83


    finally some young american men are doing well, i was getting a little worried about us, doesnt look like nadal will make it very far because of his knee, so that leaves the door open for hewitt/djokovic/safin, personally im pulling for marat safin, if he gets on a roll he can beat anyone in the world including federer
  9. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  10. safin83


    for some reason roger can never play a clean match against rafa, he's always shooting himself in the foot! but oh well, i think he will win the french open eventually just to bad it couldnt be this year ivanovic was completely overwhelmed, she will learn from this, she is a very nice person, but i dont think it hurts her game, she's shown already that she has alot of fight as a competitor
  11. safin83


    good tounament this year, we get to see the final im sure we've all wanted! I really hope roger can pull it off, he would get the career grand slam and will stay alive for the year slam! on the womens side its nice to see ivanovic in the final, it was only a matter of time before she broke through, but i dont see her beating henin on clay, henin is playing way to good right now, but hopefully ivanovic can pull off the upset
  12. safin83


    oh yeah, monica seles is sooooooooooo american! i miss her
  13. safin83


    go roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6-0 in the 3rd lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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