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  1. It was about time this woman had her on thread!!!
  2. WOW, amazing Beautiful pics, thx Lullaby...finally some ass shots
  3. Thx Sweet-lady Can someone capture this?
  4. English grammar is soooooo wrong it should be: hot, hotter, ADRIANA LIMA Thx
  5. Thx all of you guys for this BURNING BLINKING HOT HOT HOT I love Adri
  6. Ahhhhhh....if they just lowered this one......uh...those stockings, that one in yellow underwear I saw Alessandra's pic similar to this one...Ale's is lowered I WANT ADRI IN STOCKINGS Thx Lullaby for the pics
  7. Great pics, thx!!!!!! We need them bigger for sure, look at those legs
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