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  1. Gisele has been looking so good lately---- thank you for adding the date. 🙂
  2. Gorgeous and RIP to Heath... a talent gone too soon.
  3. I have often wondered who Smith knows in Hollywood...talentless and always in movies. As to black actors playing the race card.... please read into Hollywood movie history to learn how minorities have been treated throughout history in the industry.
  4. I would vote for him and I don't even live in California (yet)....
  5. haha- I loved the sarcasm... and those Will Smith jokes had me cracking up especially when Jimmy started mentioning all the audience members that would defend him if someone tried to hit him. I liked the Malala joke- I was like her once taking myself to seriously even as a young person. I think it's ok to be in the moment and have a good laugh.
  6. I gotta say I like Jimmy Kimmel and he was actually funny.
  7. I don't know if it's my fan heart talking here but that man looks hot! I actually prefer mature Leo to young Leo but of course I love all versions ;). I think he currently looks closer to 40 then 50.
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