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  1. Did she do any live streaming lately?
  2. Do you have all her live streams too? Please say yesss ??
  3. Can you please post her last instastories too? I just like to watch and laughs ?
  4. Omg just saw her instastory she makes me laugh so much! I though she was pretty when i saw the pictures but when i saw her sing & speak, oh my this girl got a personality! VS shouldnt sleep on her!!
  5. Guys is that Leo at the end of the video in that picture with the horse? Do you know who is next to him? https://www.instagram.com/p/BSmIXArAre9/ It's from Bar Refaeli father's instagram. He is a bit obsessed with Leo lol post always about him ?
  6. Love this interview ! And thank you so so much Max_god1 !! Woulnd't be too much to ask if you could tell us Camille's answer of this vidoe fo her at Le Grand Journal too? http://www.canalplus.fr/emissions/pid8623-le-grand-journal.html?vid=1418680
  7. And here is Camille on french tv but i actually didnt get nothing. I can't speak french Anyone that can help?
  8. another journey but this time for Tumi. Love how in her videos there is always a book showing it and i know she actually read them!
  9. love he video for free people ! Has anyone from France saw the movie L'Ideal? She is in it and i read it's the number one movie right now in france! Since I'm not from france anyone know where i can watch it on streaming ?
  10. I like more the picture for redone than rag & bone. Thank you for posting it ! I'm waiting for her series with British vogue By the way she is in the magazine What youth issue 14 but can't found the pictures..
  11. Wait Erin still follow them on instagram . So maybe she was talking about them. She just follow less than 400 people so If they wouldn't be friends she wouldn't follow them.
  12. I don't think she is high at all. I just think she just got to a point where she got really sick of anything. So she doesn't care anymore of what people think of her now and she just talk freely about everything. You know ,people that we call crazy are the ones that are brave to always talk how they feel . At least that's my opinion.
  13. Isn't Erin the Lily Aldridge's daughter's godmother?And I remember she was really close with Rosie hw. Do you think she was talking about them too?
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