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  1. Ha Thx :) Yes she's a doll :)

  2. Cool,i didn't know Slovakia had a hockey team :) And how are you?:)

  3. :) I'm really glad that she will be an angel :) she deserves it and no more Gisele from now on :D That's good,keeping yourself busy is important :) so do you get that job that you were applying for?:)

  4. :D Well we Europeans are quite good drinkers :laugh: I'm doing fine,i'm just a bit tired :) And how are things in Slovakia?:)

  5. Hi Pinky,how are you doing?:) Thx :) It's a commercial from Portmans,it's been posted in her thread ;) And btw have you seen her commercial for VS?That was amazing :)

  6. :) Thx,how are you doing?:)

  7. Thx :) :hug: You're really nice too ;)

  8. :) Wich job are you planning to do in that company?:)

  9. Glad to hear that :) Are you looking for a job then and stuff?

  10. Yeah we did turn the clock an hour forward sunday :) i totally forgot about it i came home from a party and i was like ho did i take this long to get home :p and then i remembered :D Yeah the weather is really strange here too i guess it's just global warming

    And how are you doing?:)

  11. Thx :D What's the daylight savings time?:) And why is the weather crazy?

  12. That's good :) the dj-ing is going good :) i have to play at least 2 times a week :) And how are things in the US?:)

  13. :D Thx i'm doing good and you?:)

  14. driving is always nice except when you are stuck in trafic :D And who's little rhino?Your bf?:D I had a candle light dinner with my gf yesterday and in an half our i half to leave to play somewhere and then i'm leaving to Lissabon for two days with my gf wich was my valentine's present for her :)


  15. :) I'm good :) and how about you?:) And how was your valentine's day?:D


  16. I know it's late but you have a great valentine's day too,and because i'm too late i wish you a great bf very soon ;) :D


  17. Oh that scuks :) I hope that you'll do great on those tests ;) :)

    kiss Yannick

  18. Hi,i'm doing good and you?:)

  19. Hi,i'm sorry to hear that but don't giving up just because of the language problem,in most colleges here where they have exchange students they have special classes in English,if you want i can get some info about that from the royal art... ;)

    Kiss Yannick

  20. Hi,i'm still searching for your two songs,i'm sorry it's taking so long but i have about 40.000 tracks on my pc so it takes a while to find it :)

    kiss Yannick

  21. I'm still awake :) Yeah Girgio is great :p Maybe i have founf my valentine too ;) :) I'll sen you the mixes as soon as i have them ;) Well last night i and some guys from my faternity stole the statue of another faternity and when we got back we were preety drunk :p And in an hour i'm going out :) And how is your day going in Toronto?:)

  22. :D I bought some new vinyls and an armani jacket :p Hmm i'll buy you something tomorrow :D and i'll bring it to Toronto,just for you ;) :D but for today i give you a huge hug and a kiss :) I play at a huge event friday and it will be recorded so wheni have the recording(probably in te weekend allready) i'll send it to you ;):) I'm tired too :) I don't get much sleep lately :p

  23. I'm always really awake when college is over :p And yeah sleeping is good :D I'm doing good i'm been to the mall and now i'm mixing some music and how's your day?:)

    kiss Yannick

  24. *hug back* Yeah that's cool :D maybe i should make a mix from tracks chosen by the Bellazon members or something :D And yeah somebody said something about that,i still don't know why they like me so much :D

    Kiss Yannick

  25. :) I'm really not a morning guy :D I'm more like someone who lives at night :p butt it's normal if like you say,you get up early and stay up late that you glad you're in your bed :) I'm always glad too when i come home at 7-8am :p

    kiss Yannick

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