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  1. Only two. Do you know more ? BTW it's nice to see you again on Miranda's thread No I was just randomly on the site and could only find the 2, was just curious if there was any more I couldn't find I frequent the thread, usually don't log on anymore though because I rarely have time to contribute anything thank you though, nice to be back!
  2. Have the pictures of Miranda from the shopstyle site been posted?
  3. I want to know when we're going to get a good picture of that baby of hers! From what pictures I've seen she looks adorable
  4. Yeah, that's Candice's real facebook page but it's private so only certain friends can see her pictures and posts. She's had it for years now so I doubt she'll shut it down.
  5. Maybe she's talking about Orlando. Is he working?
  6. Found on a Rosie Facebook fanpage. I've never seen them before but sorry if repost, haven't been on for a while
  7. Just found this on tumblr http://www.style.com/stylefile/2012/02/car...calendar-girls/
  8. Never seen these pictures before. Found on tumblr.
  9. The poster for Miranda's Halloween party
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