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  1. VSFS-Fan

    Misc. Images

    http://img41.imagehaven.net/img.php?id=LIE..._carpet_088.jpg Who is this???? She looks like the ugly sister of Anna Wintour! .......
  2. VSFS-Fan


    I love Heidi, but she looks strange. I can't explain how.... ..... and what is she wearing???? O.o Did her stylist went shoping in a sex shop?!
  3. Who is the model in the armchair??? If somebody could help...this would be great. thx
  4. So guys ^^ I'm not sooo into such little details BUT..... look at these Up and Down monitors in KK's solo picture....there is a different Backround than in the Black Tie Holiday Segment and look at this pic I capured right after KK was shown Backstage: there is also a different Backround...... so I think there was a walk of the other Models ^^
  5. You think it was cut out??? look at Flavias pic, there is someone next to her!? I dont know.... but I would love to see KK's part IF they cut it out ^_^
  6. JoeKnight: There were pics of KK and other girs walking in their finale outfit??? As you said, not just for waving goodbye??? :| Can you post one, cause I haven't seen one!?
  7. VSFS-Fan


    rouge red: from a german tv report which hs just aired.... loved it ^^
  8. VSFS-Fan


    No, it's diffently Martha,WTH she's doing there is beyond me maybe she wants to walk in the show
  9. VSFS-Fan


    Isn't this Heidis mom? But I'm not sure ^^
  10. Hey veryone, can someone PLEASE help me...I want to know who's the guys in the new Boss Bottled Commercil. I dont have a pic because I dont even know his name. But I know he's not Gabriel aubry Here's a youtube link: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=PXI7EuSlZIY&fmt=18 Found out myself, it's Marius Hordijk ddd.bmp ddd.bmp
  11. a pic of him from a Hairstyle magazine here in Germany.... http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/7618/hairstyle2ky6.jpg
  12. Woooooooooow, Thank You sooo much!
  13. Maybe someone knows the name of him???? ---sorry, posted it in the wrong section ----
  14. Hey guys, I have a question.... does someone have some pics from season 7 when the girls took this circus photoshoot? Many people say they are great...now I want to see them too ^^ If not does someone have the video or the link to watch this whole episode?
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