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  1. Hotel Rwanda, was great.
  2. OMG THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  3. Does anyone have the this editorial, I can't find it Vogue December 2003 "Alice in Wonderland" I've only seen smaller pictures of it and I adore it sooo much. Thank you!
  4. That's a tab bit discriminatory, don't you think? That could be Mr. Millian with a lot of plastic surgery.
  5. nah I haven't seen that one, I'll d/l it. I would still like her though. I don't care how many people hate her.
  6. LMFAOOOO The second I saw Paris I thought we were playing "which one doesn't fit?" I was like OOOO Paris don't got gaint boobs!!!!!!! but no really, I don't think it's that slutty...Some of those girls are hot...and I like Paris, boobs or not. P.S. I got the girl with giant door stoppers and a nice tattoo near her crotch.
  7. yeah that one is gorgeous. lol you're welcome!
  8. Harper's Bazaar (US) May 2001
  9. Vogue (US) June 2001 The other girl is Liisa Winkler
  10. Is it just me or does she look kind of like Twiggy in a few of these? Harper's Bazaar (US) July 2001
  11. Harper's Bazaar (US) September 2001
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