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  1. Those shoes again! Does Leo own several pairs? What brand is it? He sure does love them. Two flawless beings (click for bigger version)
  2. http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/8-shockingly-oscar-less-actors-and-actresses.html/4/ Leonardo DiCaprioOne of the most highly sought actors in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio has come a long way since his early roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, and Titanic. But despite a strong recent track-record of critically acclaimed roles, along with a strong partnership with director Martin Scorsese, an Academy Award has continued to elude the popular actor. DiCaprio’s film-acting career began as a child actor in 1991′s Critters 3, a direct-to-video release, before the actor came to prominence after a breakout role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape as Johnny Depp’s mentally handicapped younger brother. Since then, DiCaprio has never let up, starring in Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, and more recently, The Departed, Revolutionary Road, Inception, and Django Unchained. Of course, those films only start to scratch the surface of DiCaprio’s prolific acting career. DiCaprio has been nominated for three Academy Awards: in 1994 for Best Supporting Actor in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, in 2005 for Best Actor in The Aviator, and in 2007 for Best Actor in Blood Diamond. But there’s been talk that his role in the upcoming Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, in which he portrays crooked stock broker Jordan Belfort, might earn the actor his fourth nomination. Even if it doesn’t, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his first Academy Award. ##The other folks on the list are worthy too, IMO.
  3. Oh god, too many goodies at one time to comprehend - THANKS TO ALL! http://calvinjcandie.tumblr.com/image/68898696920
  4. Cool - thanks for more tweets Leo Lover! Theo Rossi is an actor from one of my fave shows, Sons of Anarchy, BTW.
  5. Hey, that is SO cool! Thanks Oxford - fearless, brave, brilliant -YES!
  6. Oxford - Thanks! Was getting worried about the lack of non-reactions - looks like we have a wait a few more days for the reviews!
  7. Am disappointed that there aren't more reactions?? Was the audience an invited group or the general public? You'd think there'd be more comments by now. And isn't it time for some magazines to come out with Leo/WOWS/Jonah ??I'm hoping for Charlie Rose or Jimmy Fallon or Ellen. I wish he would go on Kimmel though I doubt he would - I think Kimmel is actually pretty good.
  8. I dunno - for some reason, I don't think Leo is ever gonna go through the ceremony of a marriage or maybe not even becoming a Dad. Nothing wrong with that! There are plenty of people in the world who either choose not to or just don't find the right somebody - I'm still looking myself! SickasMySecret and Lua - I agree with Lua-no matter how private Leo is, he cannot control random people taking pics and videos and posting them on the Net. His b-day was a big event with friends bringing friends and I doubt he had everyone who come sign a privacy agreement or something. One of the videos that was on the Net was taken by one of kanye's people. The thing with Toni's friend and Milan posting twitter pics that were later made private or removed is a different story - Leo knows them personally so most likely he asked them to do that but all these other people : I don't think he is THAT paranoid or controlling, if at all. He just does not like the PAPARAZZI and will do anything to prevent them from making money from him. Read Laniey's post from yesterday about Leo and privacy and Kanye Kim K, etc. Even tho I think she's off the mark MOST of the time, I think she was spot on about Leo and privacy. But she is dead wrong that just because he and Kanye are friendly acquaintances, they are not buddy buddies. I mean, Leo loves 2 Chainz and goes to his gigs and had him at his b-day, he's not going to be hanging out with him as a close friend, LOL! Conversations between Kanye and Leo November 25, 2013Posted at 2:03 PMPosted by Lainey Kanye West was at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Leo was at Kanye's MSG show last night. With girlfriend Toni Garrn. So, presumably, they're more than just casual acquaintances. What's that like? What does it sound like when Kanye and Leo hang out? What do they talk about? When Ye goes off about the injustice of the fashion industry and the Grammys and why his girlfriend has been excluded from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, does Leo nod in solidarity? Even though Kanye West's girlfriend's lifestyle is exactly the kind of sh-t Leo abhors? He never calls the paps. He doesn't tip off the tabloids. He would never, ever agree to have his engagement filmed for reality television -- not that he would ever get engaged. But still. You see the disconnect here. It's not unlike how Beyonce manages her personal-private ratio. Only with B, she's not so much a dumpster diving don't look at me celebrity as she is a control freak about WHO gets to talk about Beyonce -- only Beyonce. I do wonder whether or not it comes with a warning now whenever Kanye introduces her to proper stars. If an understanding is reached that ensures she doesn't exploit the situation to her advantage. Oh I hope so. Because eventually it'll just give him something else to rant about. And pretty soon, up on stage, he'll be giving Leo the gears about the one time Leo talked down to his baby mother and how Hollywood is fascist.
  9. katchitup and 'shine - great job on finding and posting the concert photos ! wayw - awesome that you were there and thanks for sharing the photos. Do you notice if other people in the audience had spotted them? Did they stay the whole concert? I think I read somewhere that Toni really loves to dance and she loves rap music so she has that in common with Leo. Wolf - wow, that is a long movie - normally hate long movies but I'm sure this will be an exception. I am READY to read the positive reviews (fingers crossed!).
  10. Stupid Letterman - he asks Jonah how Leo was and then cuts him off and bringing up Brad Pitt. At least Jonah was able to squeeze in his comments that Leo was probably the best actor he's ever worked with and that he was great- person and acting.
  11. Thanks Pink - I think most Leo fans have read that article from New York Magazine that was published in the heyday of Leo Mania - man, I remember that almost every entertainment TV show had a segment on Leo on every show for that period! It was insane - Happy to see that Leo has survived it and is still thriving!
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