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  1. ^Me too. Even though it is just a simple Instagram photo, Candice looks so good.
  2. ^Aww, that was a sweet thing to say lol.
  3. ^Is that last photo from a new unreleased shoot or anything?
  4. That's really funny about her mom, I had no idea she was a playmate. That is kind of interesting, because compared to other models like her, Lily is pretty conservative when it comes to nudity.
  5. adds, nudity Svx2pHLe.jpg ZfgeI48e.jpg hUA5iSy4.jpg
  6. She has done it again! Another unexpected shoot to blow my mind. I can hardly believe how amazing she looks for Allure Russia. She is always so sweet and innocent looking, so it is always that much more impacting when she does these insanely sexy and sensual shoots/editorials. I love that she is also interested in the high fashion side of things, because if you ask me she is great at it.
  7. Those people are most definitely wrong.
  8. Rosie looks so far past amazingly gorgeous in that dress for the Brit Awards! All I can say is wow, she is just too beautiful and elegant for words.
  9. ^I saw that earlier today on another site, what an elegant way of putting it.
  10. Irina's eyes are definitely gorgeous, but for me personally I can think of a few that might have even better eyes. Candice Swanepoel comes to mind, and so does Olivia Wilde, but that's just me.
  11. Lily's photos for SI are some of the sexiest photos I have ever seen of her, she simply killed it in my opinion. I am so happy for her, she is literally on proverbial fire this year. Not only are her photos amazing, but if you ask me they are some of the best out of the whole bunch.
  12. Why do you think she is against it? I don't know if she has said anything like that, but I have never got that impression before, because like i said, she has done a few full frontal shots in the past. Besides this shoot, she kind of did a few frontal shots in her editorial for the September Issue of Industrie magazine. Another one that comes to mind is Vogue Paris back in 2011, but in the past there has never been quite this much detail. For Vogue Paris she just showed pubic hair, and in the Industrie editorial she just showed that same area nice and smooth with no pubic hair. Part of me wonders if she even knows that she was that exposed in this particular shoot. She might have thought the outfit would cover that part of her, and it kind of does to an extent.
  13. Download Ad Block Plus Add-on for Firefox, Chrome or Internet explorer. It will remove most of the annoying ads. I would recommend using Ad Block Edge for FF (I used Ad Block Plus earlier but I found Ad Block Edge superior to Ad Block Plus, some ads still get throw ABP but none through ABE), I have been using it for 3 to 4 months now & I haven't seen a single ad in these 3 months on any site including gmail . On iPad, have u tried AdBlock for iOS ?Thanks, it worked, i have seen the pics now I don't think I can get ad blocker on my iPhone, or if I can I don't know how, and that is all I use. Therefore I to have been having the problem of clicking on those photos and only getting porn. Is it possible for anyone to repost them?
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