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  1. Not the same, dont make me laugh. Obama's girls are close in age. Barron's siblings are all adults. He will be the only First Child basically. And even if he has autism it is just simply discusting how people talk about him just because he is Trump's son. 


  2. So? I dont understand what you are trying to express.

    Malia was around the same age ,but at least she had a sister there,and they surely weren't under that much pressure during the campaign as Trump's family for whatever reason. Btw every situation is different.

  3. Shame on everyone who's talking shit about that poor young kid! Especially those who are talking from the high horse when Trump is the topic. This is insensitive, tasteless and stupid. I am curious how any of you would behave in his situation after 1-2 years of circus at age 10. 

  4. Great! So everyone who is not interested in politics - that much like A FEW members - should read those content or avoid those certain topics just because there may be some future members whose posts need moderation? 


    A politics subforum,which could be seen by only members could solve your qualms. And you and everyone else could discuss your views there.


    There was always some politics talk in general topic but nowadays it reached a critical amount of posts. I am personally bothered by this. Because imo it is mostly a fashion or model forum. I know we have other topics too,so there should be a political one as well. And if it won't work, rules can be changed and topic can be closed.

  5. ^thanks +1

    I am sick and tired that general talk topic became a political one in general. Imho it's annoying. It used to be a fun forum,nothing serious and now I have to scroll over almost every threads. 

  6. the first snow of the year. (I hope I haven't missed it yet, but actually I don't remember...either way when it will snow it will be my first time this year :P)

  7. 7 hours ago, SympathysSilhouette said:

    Barbara Palvin is an odd choice to recreate that scene from "Basic Instinct" with.

    Part of the appeal and the mystique of the Catherine Tramell character is that she is attractive but also old enough to have been around the block a few times.

    Barbara Palvin is a young model who quite possibly looks even younger than she is.

    Odd, but imo fitting. Kinda surprising. I read about this hours ago but only had the chance to watch the vid now and I thought it will be bad but no, it's not. Well of course she's not Sharon, but I wouldn't expect too much from Love Magazine.


    I think it turned out well, I liked it, except the longer parts of her talk when she's always shaking her head (btw she often does this, don't do it Barbara). I saw this movie not long ago so I have a clear memory about Sharon Stone and her acting, the scene and all the atmosphere what it had. I think this version of Barbara's is quite similar to that. 

    It's funny that everyone only cares about her fake underwear. :D I guess Dave's already dead that's why the silence. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Alexis10 said:

    Poor Bella, that super long torso with those small legs. ? Her proportions are off. Charolette and Todd always took into consideration the body type. They always wanted a small/short torso and long legs. 

    Those heels and panties didnt help her either. 

  9. 22 hours ago, gotportugal said:

    To everyone worried by security:angel:


    Security expert Bob Strang told Inside Edition what Victoria's Secret needs to do to prepare for this year's high profile event.

    "They are going to have perimeters set up and they are going to check vehicles as they arrive for explosives. They are going to have perimeters set up for people so only certain people identified ahead of time can get in. At the end of the day, it is going to be the safest place in Paris," he said. 

    I am disgusted that they bring the show to Paris for the publicity of this issue (among other reasons of course...., but I'm pretty sure this is one of them)

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