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    she's wearing make up on this pic, but when she was on the plane on the previous instapic she wasn't. did she do a shooting in this short time? impressive. i am curious..attachicon.gifScreenshot_2013-08-29-22-01-47.png


    or she just decided to make up her face during the fly or maybe in paris (she wrote "seoul-paris-budapest")


    i don't think that she did it...i thought on paris too... just interesting.

  2. i don' understand you guys... if you say to appleauto why is so hard to post pics instead of links, then why so hard for you to click on that link...maybe he/she can't do that for some reason... i think you should thank to appleauto to keep us updated, and dig up these photos...so thank you appleauto!

  3. great shots! i just don't understand why they picked the first one for cover?! that's the less impressive with that freaky grannypanty...and what did they do on the second pic with barbara's hip and legs? looks awful... her face is gorgeus, different from the usual...

  4. she's beautiful as always. i like her make up and shoes too. and this dress suits her, but i don't like it. i can imagine the reasons why they gave her this masculine and more grown up look. i love barbara but i think that her red carpet dress has never been perfect yet. but getting better

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