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  1. Hey Moiselles. I came across your posts about breast implants and I was wondering if you could give me some info. I've been considering them myself recently to make my figure a little more womanly. My biggest concern is how often I would have to replace them, how big of a bother would that be and if they would look hard or fake. Any advice?

  2. AAhhh thank you. You're a doll.

  3. Wow I love your set once again Lima. From when are those pics from. I don't believe I have them saved. I would lov to have those pics.

  4. Ah yes I love all the new pictures. She looks better than ever. I am so exited for superbowl weekend. Usually I wouldn't be as exited but since Adri's having the commercial I am very exited.

  5. Hey VivaLaLima. How are you?

  6. Hey VivaLaLIma. I love your set. Do you make them yourself or request to have them done.

  7. Hey Sheebshag. I'm curious. What does your username mean.

  8. Mt top 5 are

    1. Adriana Lima 2. Mirranda Kerr 3. Ana Beatriz Barros

    4. Laetitia Casta 5. Inguna Butane

    Natsha and Doutzen are on my next 5 though. Which is why is said we have the same top models. Supermodel Diva made the avatar for me. Thanks though. I love yours. Adriana's opening was awesome.

  9. I noticed that your top5 models are the same as mine exept Natashy Poly. I like her but she's not in my top 5.

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