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  1. Did you guys see the VH1 Save the Music Concert? Joss performed solo, and had 3 or 4 duets with other stars. She was awesome, and the crowd loved her. It was her 18th birthday, too, and the crowd sang to her. :wub:

    HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, Precious Joss! :heart:

  2. ^^^ Thank you, maddog, I really do appreciate it. If you actually did do it for me, then I feel so special. hehe

    Now, maybe I'll hang out in here more often. *winks*

    I just wish Josie_Addict would add the skin option to the JosieFreaks Forum, too.

  3. La Tortura definitely Rocks! I just wish her English songs could match the quality of her voice & music that she has when singing in Spanish. Plus, I wish she would go back to having black hair.

  4. I'm sorry you were having problems. I hope things go well for you during this transition. I think you are a wonderful young lady, and someone great will come along, in due time. Unfortunately, sometimes a girl has to kiss a lot of toads, before her prince arrives. ;)

    I wish you much love, peace, and healing. :)

    :heart: ,

    Uncle Mike

  5. I was watching E! on TV today and it seems Kristen Davis from Sex and the Girl is the new face of Maybelline, what's going to happen to Josie?

    I think Kristin was named their "Celebrity Spokesperson".

    Josie and Adriana are still listed as their "Spokesmodels".

  6. son of a bitch, i fucking missed it <_<

    So did I. I hate it when I forget things, especially when I had thought about watching that show, for the preceding week. :(

    Maybe the feature about Petra's ordeal will inspire more people to get involved in the relief effort.

  7. I just saw the new Maybelline commercial with Josie in it!!! OMG!!! Josie looks so fine, and the wavy hair does look good on her. :wub:

    I also visited Maybelline's Website, clicked on the 'About Us' link, read about their history, and read about current news. They stated that their spokesmodels are: Adriana Lima, Josie Maran, and Tomiko Fraser. Josie is no longer their 'Only Spokesmodel', but she's obviously still with them. :)

    Now, about Josie's forum being so dead: here's my feelings on the subject. A few years ago, Josie was seen in many different ads, as well as being in the SI Swimsuit Issues. That amounted to a lot of exposure. She attracted a large group of fans, who gathered at The Josie Maran Web Mafia Forum. Eventually, most of them migrated over to chilaX, and her old forum became rather quiet. Many of her fans have gotten older, and are now too busy to visit forums. Plus, we used to have an "inside" connection that provided the latest news and pics of Josie. That connection is no longer available to us. After chilaX closed, the remaining fans have been split among several forums. Josie is not featured in sexy lingerie catalogs, on a regular basis, like Adriana and Alessandra, so there's not as much interest in her as there used to be. Most of Josie's new pics are from her appearances at events, and are only available to us as thumbnails from WireImage. Josie is "Perfection" in my eyes, but I realize that she doesn't have the same appeal (exotic and sexy) as Adriana does, especially to all the 'horny, young guys'. hehe!

    Well, that's my explanation. Feel free to add your thoughts about it. ;)

    I usually feel a little crappy in the evenings, and tend to sleep more, but I'll try to visit here more often. Let's all work together to keep Josie's section alive. OK?

  8. The best thing to do next Wednesday, is to check your TV Guide for the time that "Primetime Live" is aired in California. It may be tape-delayed at 9pm in the Pacific Zone. ;)

  9. I'm watching "20/20" on ABC. They just showed a preview of the feature on Petra. It is on Wed the 9th at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central.

    I just recently learned about her ordeal. That must have been a horrible experience. My heart goes out to her, and all who were affected by that tsunami. :( :heart:

  10. who's fault would that be....we told carsten early on close your forum....even though we opened ours before him...we will make you an admin here....but he didnt listen...the community would be one instead of two...by the time he opened his forum we were established and had 300 members already and we wouldnt be able to close our site down...if anyone who should have closed it down it should have been him.

    I understand how you feel, Neo. I wish Carsten hadn't started another forum, but he did. We can't change that now, but we could still all be friends. Let's face it, some people like Coke, and some people like Pepsi. They're both colas, yet slightly different. The same could be said about both forums.

    It's hard on people like me, who care about both groups. The negative attitudes that are coming from both sides is a bit depressive. I don't want to choose one group over the other, so I guess I will visit Josie's thread only, and avoid any of the other discussions.

    PS: I still don't like the white background in either forum. I miss chilaX and its black background. It's so much easier on my old eyes. :(

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