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  1. Hi, maranix. How you doin? I've missed everyone from JosieFreaks.

    Thanks, shiyan, for the link to The Gravedancers. That's an awesome gift. But, I didn't see a link for

    The Mallory Effect in your other post. All I found was a link to a few pics. Can you share that movie, as well?

    How did you obtain the movie? Is it avail somewhere? Thanks, for any help. :)

  2. proud to say I'm one of the first people on the web to see this picture more than a year ago



    OMG!!! What a pic!!! :wub:

    I haven't been around in a long time, and have lost touch with Josie news & pics. I guess I need to visit on a regular basis. ;)

    Has Josie had her baby yet? Boy or girl? I'll check back soon for any replies. I hope everyone has been doing well. I'm OK, just dealing with the effects of aging. hehe

  3. Markeee posted some news in JosieFreaks:

    Josie has been cast in yet another movie! Filming will begin in July.

    It's called "The Final Season", and is based on a true story about a small town's baseball team. Josie will play a lawyer. Cool, huh? :)



    March 23rd Update: Amy Acker was unable to participate, due to a prior committment, so the role was then given to Josie. You go, Girl!!! :wub:

  4. I downloaded the Revelation and watched the first 7 minutes. Weird stuff!


    C'mon, you gotta watch all of it. ;)

    I would have been disappointed with it if I had paid to see it. But I thought it was a good effort by a bunch of people just like us. I appreciate all the work that they obviously put into that project. :)

    I watched Attack of the Clones tonight. I hadn't seen it since it was at theaters.

    Now I feel primed to go see The Revenge of the Sith. :D

  5. Now, tell us how you really feel. :laugh:

    I just watched "Star Wars: Revelations". I actually enjoyed it. The acting is a bit lame, but not bad for a bunch of amateurs. It doesn't have the quality of George's films, but I was impressed. The background scenes and the special effects were pretty good, even though they were on a $20,000 budget. I was entertained for the entire 40 minutes of the film. The movie lays the foundation for The Rebellion that we saw in the original Star Wars. My only real disappointment, was that it ended too soon. I wanted more, but the rest of the story is in George's films. ;)

    I was able to get the soundtrack in Mp3 format.


  6. Ready for more Star Wars? :)

    There is "Star Wars: Revelations". Some fans have been making this movie for the past three years. It was featured on CBS News tonight. George Lucas OK'd the project, as long as it was free to the public. It is! I haven't watched it yet, but the previews looked pretty good. :)


    You can download it as a QuickTime Movie, a Windows Media Video, or a DVD.

    You can also get the Official Movie Poster, and Artwork for the CD and DVD, such as labels and liner notes. There is a link for the soundtrack, but WinZip says that the file is incomplete, so I couldn't get the music. Maybe it's not avail yet. ;)

    The download link takes you to a list of sites that have the movie, but I couldn't get most of them to work. They may close, periodically, due to bandwidth usage.

    I'm including the link that I did use. Hopefully it will work for you, too.


    Enjoy! :D

  7. I had another dream about Josie last night. I had turned my house into a museum of Josie stuff. I had pics, autographs, and memorabilia on display. People were lined up, waiting to tour it. When Josie finally arrived, I woke up. :(

  8. Happy 27th Birthday to My Precious Josie! :fun:

    I Hope You Will Be Blessed, Today and During This Coming Year.

    Love Always,

    Uncle Mike :heart:

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to Josie's Mom! :)

    God Bless You, For Giving Us Such a Wonderful Young Lady. :wub:


    Uncle Mike

  9. Have you guys seen the new GAP commercial? It's got Joss in white jeans, looking so good. You can download it at GAP's Website. They're also offering Joss' new song, but a friend couldn't get it to play. I didn't try to download it cause I didn't want to give them my e-mail address. ;)

  10. Thanks, Neo, for posting those great pics. You got her autograph? You lucky bastard! hehe

    Hey, Gocho, did you get my PM? Do you want my Josie CD's? Send me an address, and I'll ship them to you. :)

  11. Well, the blonde-look just looks fake. I have seen so many change to blonde, just to be more popular, or whatever. I quit reading Playboy cause Hugh is hung up on blondes. I got so sick of seeing fake blondes. To me, blonde hair makes Shakira appear to be copying Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. Have you ever seen Shakira with red hair? She had flaming red hair when I first discovered her, and she looked so hot! I still prefer Latinas with black hair, though. hehe

    (Adriana Lima needs to go back to black hair, too. *winks*)

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