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  1. Hi, Joob14. I haven't talked to you in a long time. Hope you've been well. Sorry you missed the concert. It was good!!! Avril loves her fans, and she gives them a great performance. :D

    As for your friends, tell them to join CrossBonez at avrillavigne.com

    I got my ticket before the public were able to buy them.

    I got a tour shirt before the tour started.

    I get updates about her life and career, too.

    There's also a nice forum in there. Thousands of her fans from all around the world. Lots of news and pics in there. Plus, a player pops-up that plays all her songs while I am visiting. :D

  2. Shi has posted some new pics at josiemaran-world.com/gallery

    They are from the LA Times Festival of Books on 4/26/08. Josie is in casual attire and has minimal makeup, but still looks incredibly gorgeous. Her smile is one the best!!! :wub:

  3. I went to Avril's concert in San Antonio last night. Awesome show! I was fairly close to the stage, and Avril looked so good. Her voice was incredible, and her band did an excellent job. My fav part was when she played her pink drumset. She does a good job, and looks so cute while doing that. It will definitely be among my all-time fav concerts. :D

    She was joined by some dancers during "Girlfriend", and that seemed fitting. However, they came out for several more songs, and I felt that they were a distraction. Plus, they weren't exactly good-looking dancers, and their moves were like ones from the 70's or 80's. Is "Breakdancing" popular again? I hope Avril gets rid of them before her next tour. ;)

    The weather sucked. It's supposed to be warm in Texas, but it was cloudy & cold on Sunday. Most of us were miserable, and that made it difficult to really get into the mood to party. The crowd seemed a little quiet, and I figured that it was because they were too busy shivering, inside the open-air ampitheater. :(

  4. It's time to revive this thread. I'm not a fan of Michael, the person, but rather Michael, the entertainer. He is one of the best entertainers that has ever come along. He puts on a hell of a show for his fans. His dancing appears to defy the laws of physics. ;)

    http://music.msn.com/inconcert is featuring one of his concerts from the Dangerous Tour. It's a spectacular performance. I enjoyed it very much. :)

  5. A vampire goes into a bar, and orders a cup of hot water.

    The bartender says "I thought you only drank blood".

    The vampire pulls out a used tampon, and says "I'm making tea".

    An old lady visits the dentist, sits in the chair, pulls her panties down, and lifts her legs.

    The dentist says "Ma'am, I'm not a gynecologist".

    She replies "I know. I just want you to get my husbands teeth out of there".

  6. MSN reported today that the recent shopping spree for baby items, by Avril and hubbie was part of a hoax. A new show, Pop Fiction, will air on E! Network, and it will create stories to fool the paparrazi that follow celebs. They even had Avril padded to appear pregnant, it seems. :D

  7. Regarding the comments about the cover of Domino mag:

    Josie doesn't look 40. She looks like a pretty 29yo, which she happens to be. She also looks great in those "Mom Jeans".

    They wanted her to appeal to women everywhere, especially those who might purchase that mag. It wouldn't have worked if she looked like a sexpot. Josie wants to do more with her life, than just appeal to horny guys. :D

    I really believe that her current path will lead her to more wealth & fame than she's ever had. She's trying to help people and the environment. :wub:

    If anyone is still interested in getting a copy of Josie's first movie "The Mallory Effect", please go to

    http://josiemaran-world.com/forums/index.php? --> Videos of Josie --> Mallory Effect thread.

    I posted some new info about a sale from one of the stores, and a newer release that has a great pic of Josie on the cover of the DVD. The orig box had a less desirable cover. ;)

  8. Even with too much makeup, Avril is a pretty girl. She has the prettiest smile I've ever seen, and I've seen many in 53 yrs. :D

    My concert ticket arrived last week. I'm going to see her April 27th. I can't wait!!! :wub:

    For several months, there have been rumors that Avril was pregnant, but they were never true. Last week, she and hubbie were spotted out shopping for baby items. Is it finally true??? She might give birth on stage, maybe. hehe!


    Thanks for the birthday greeting, The Joker. Your "gift" doesn't appear in your post. What was it???

    I can't remember that player's name, but he has been suspended about 7 times in his career. His teammates say he is a good guy, but he loses control. The NHL has ordered that he receive some counseling.

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