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  1. OMG, i just watched "Mother Teresa" and i keep thinking mother teresa looked so much like the girl from romeo and juilet.
  2. Hi, Kat I emailed you once to wish you good luck and you quickly replied to say thanks that was about 2 years ago.
  3. Miss, thank u for the old school pics....how do u guys find them?
  4. Korravai, thanks for the old school pics.
  5. thanks magic for the pics. they were...magical.
  6. those r cool, miss, thx
  7. Thanks layla, those were cool commericals. I actually want to find more info about the song in the commercial.
  8. Wow. That image is so large, it occurred to me that she has nice dental hygiene. That's funny. I have a friend, a dentist, who asked me who is my favorite supermodel. I answered "Niki Taylor". She replied "She has great teeth."
  9. Is it me or have boys nowadays have large firm breasts, nice shaped asses and a very feminine faces? Just a thought.
  10. OMG!!! really???? Yea, funny. The crazy thing is that Howard stopped her from commenting any further on Nicholson. And that's not Howard at all, he didn't run with that comment at all. I guess Howard and Nicholson might be good friends.
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