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  1. I saw these pictures on a model's profile page, but they deleted. If you know who he is please help me :). Many thanks
  2. His name is Ryan the photo was taken by Joe Lapointe Photography https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.216708818339905.61862.197006616976792&type=3 and I don't think he is a professional model
  3. yeah, ) or maybe he is just some random hot guy
  4. justinclark

    Model ID

    1.Daria Ivanova- Eagle Model Agency 2.Vesta Burkot 3. I don't know, I think she's Russian and Olga Aprelskaya shot that picture 4. Nikole Luna- New York Models 5. Cathrin Rozenkrans- heartbreak management 6. Bryn Drohan- Marilyn Agency NY
  5. He is Ronny Peter, he's in the German navy
  6. Just Kidding I (may) found some information about him. I'm not really sure about it but his birth name could be Isaac Peters Grahams, he was born in 1988 in California. He had his mother's last name because his father died before he was born. He had a chihuahua named Clark and a perruche named Reystone... Maybe he changed his name for modeling
  7. I asked the photographer Björn Trautmann, he said his name is Ronny
  8. Carla - Milk Model Managament
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