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  1. Ahhh! Yoona is your avatar! Ahahaha xD What's up?!?! ^^

  2. Kat! I'm doing good. I haven't been sick in a while so that's good lol What about you??

  3. Alright, I'll get those made as soon as I can. Right now, I have like a million things to do besides my GIF site :|

  4. Nice avatar :brows:

  5. Happy Birthday Matt!! Woo!!! :D

  6. I heard! Do you think it was a good choice to fire him?

  7. Happy Birthday Nath!

  8. I went thru your comments ahaha :laugh: :ninja: :P

    Anyways, I finally found time the other day and I posted the avatar with your name on it ^_^

  9. Lol thank you. I do have an animations blog but I haven't updated that since June! :ninja: I'll try to update it maybe this week with some Gisele animations ^_^ I'll post the link in Gisele's motion thread when I do or you can click on the link under my siggy ^_^

  10. Happy Birthday!! :ddr: :clap: :fun:

  11. Hey, it's the 21st over but it's still the 20th here but oh well....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!! :ddr: :woot: :chicken: :yea: :fun: :hug: :heart:

  12. Happy Birthday Betty! :ddr: :Clap: :yea: :heart:

  13. :rofl: Boo! Party pooper!


  14. Post the link in her Editorials thread :)

  15. Why did you delete us from you friend list anyways? lol

  16. What's that suppose to mean? :|

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