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  1. Te acheeeeei, rsssssss.

  2. Huahuahua


  3. Me too Tony.

    How have you been ?

    Why Nath is not on your top 10 anymore ?

  4. :rofl:

    Patience, you're getting close.

  5. Im good, Im enjoying the panamerican games.

  6. =D

    they deleted your post...and hers too.

    But Gabi told me, you're so my hero.

  7. :laugh:

    "inha" means the diminutive.

    Like this:

    Little girl = garotinha or menininha.

    Vanessa = Vanessinha :)

    Fernanda = Fernandinha.

    Little cat = gatinho

    Litte dog = cachorrinho.

    "inha" feminine and "inho" masculine.


  8. haha you can't...

    not with cruzeiros, but if you use Reais you can buy a new one ^^

  9. What happened to your account ?

    What did you do ? :evil:

  10. haha

    don't worry, I won't test you. :rofl:

  11. I have a history with EVRYONE :rofl: :rofl:

  12. Tomorrow I'm going to Minas Gerais and then to Buzios.

    Rio gets crazy in Carnaval times and I'll miss all that.

    But I have some fun waiting for me.


  13. Kkkkkk

    eu vou dormir ainda. :rofl:

  14. Hj eh o meu primeiro dia l

  15. I don't know, I guess ever since I was a teenager or smth. When I get some time I'm doing it. Or when I'm not lazy :p

    I'll teach you more moves.

    You saw my pic ?

  16. Worried...

    final exams tomorrow.

    What's up ?

  17. Cool you know some Portuguese, lol.

    Things are fine, how abt u ?

  18. Quem me convidou foi o Tony. Tem que pedir convite pros donos.

    Mas tem q ter moral l

  19. Hey,

    you're there ?

  20. and btw...my computer is brand new

    but if you want to buy me one, suit yourself

    I can have 2 ^^

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