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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS LINZ!!!!!! Hope your X-MAS is filled with love and a bit of relaxation.... don't eat too much ok? Remember we need to potentially be able to fit into leo's suitcase!! lol xoxoxox

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    2. mz_linz



      Good I'm glad. I did! My mom surprised me with tickets to P!nk. Shes coming to Detroit in March!! I can't wait!!!

      Yep we celebrate Christmas Eve every year with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. This year was fun because both of my cousin's have babies now :-)

      Yes we have to be in prime shape girl! Leo D. isn't just anyone lol!!

    3. FashionDream


      Oh wow now that is a nice Christmas gift! Lucky you :p

      I know quite a few people who celebrate on Christmas Eve, it's only recently that I realized alot of peoeple do. So what do you do on Christmas day? Just relax?:) Awww it's nice to have a new baby around, I have a cousin who just gave birth last month.. so he's a tiny little thing, too cute.

      I seriously wonder what leo's plans are hahaha... usually by boxing day we hear something, so sad how I rem...

    4. FashionDream


      remember these things lol

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