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  1. ^+1 if only V.S went back to this era of lingerie, maybe the company wouldn’t be falling off. If Rihanna does any fashion shows for her SavagexFenty line for fashion week, I hope she taps Adriana to walk.
  2. Miz_B


    Damn. Wasn’t expecting to see her so soon since she landed. She looks good! I love a dark lip on her. Thanks for the adds!
  3. Miz_B


    ^^Thank you! I’ve never seen this before. She looks insanely gorgeous. And love that color (referring to the dress) on her.
  4. FFS! LET. IT. GO. ALREADY!!! No need to keep speculating and throwing in new scenarios that NEVER happened. Edit: if anyone has an issue with what I just said, you can send a PM instead of cluttering the board with remnants of “croissant gate”, because I know I’m not the only one thinking something new in Adriana’s career is being discussed only to find out it’s something frivolous.
  5. Wow, so I have not posted/here in a while, mostly lurked but I have to come out and say this. So much pettiness on the Adriana board, even after mods have cleaned threads up and gave verbal warnings. Does a personal opinion of one poster trigger you all so much you have to come and comment on every little thing she says? I’m directing this at mostly Luna. Learn to ignore if you don’t agree what is being said, before this thread gets shut down permanently because that’s most likely what will happen. Don’t ruin something for all of us because you want to be petty. Because at this point, all you’re doing is acting like an aggressor (you’re in the candids thread, trying to provoke and now here.) So what if is she’s over analyzing or being annoying to you? When she finally snaps at you (if she does) don’t try play the victim. If you want to keep this up, then PM her and whoever else and keep the childish act off the boards. That’s all I have to say about this reoccurring issue, I notice.
  6. Miz_B


    Her eyebrows look bomb. Love these BTS pics.
  7. What did Adriana post that’s so bad? I haven’t been following her lately...
  8. Miz_B


    So didsapointed with her looks. I’m definitely getting deja vu from her look with the black dress. I wish she would shy around from black and white colors.
  9. Miz_B


    Doesn't she have two dogs? Did something happen to Daisy???
  10. Miz_B


    When is the show? The VSFS activities seem a little premature or maybe it's always been this early and I never noticed... P.S thanks everyone for the pics. She looks like 2000s Adriana at the holiday commercial shoot.
  11. Miz_B


    Her HB cover is stunning. I'm definitely getting old Hollywood vibes.
  12. Miz_B


    Yikes, I'm sorry but her make up today is tragic. It aged her a good 15 years. Shame on whoever is responsible.
  13. Miz_B


    She looks beautiful. But I do wish she would step away from her usual black or white gowns. She wears them at almost red carpet every event.
  14. Yikes. The last few pages on here is like...
  15. Miz_B


    She photographed so well in that dress. Perhaps this is a little taste for what's to come in Cannes? That's if she goes, but I'm pretty sure she will.
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