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  1. Haha love it, he was so cute in theses interviews, really sweet and kind with a little bit of cheeky ;-) you gotta love a bit of cheek. The decor is very grown up, I would have expected lots of posters of girls and stuff. love the fact he collects things ;-)

    Thanks for those vids xx

    Packing off to New Zealand at stupid o'clock tomorrow so won't be on the net for next 5 days so have a good week and stay strong with any resolutions ;-) if you have any xx

  2. I really admire Leo's closeness to his family and friends, part of what makes him even more interesting to me.. his loyalty to them, he'll never be alone. :heart: Which is why I believe he'll be the best dad. Its the pics of him with Ruby and Otis/ the fact that he's vacationing with them that has me really craving the whole him being a daddy thing again. Oh and I wonder if he got a chance to meet Kate Winslet's new born yet... ahhh he's an uncle to yet another little one. :heart:

    WTH is going on with this space trip!! I thought it was supposed to happen around Christmas! :blink:

    So he rang in the New Year in Aspen but looks like we'll be seeing him in Mexico very soon.

    Aha yes the paps seem to be getting pics of the other celebs but no Leo, gosh he is good, though I still want pics ;-)

    I feel that he will be a good dad too, he has a good mix of childlike and professionalism that I feel transcends the adult and child barriers. I have always felt that it is essential to hold onto childlike qualities not only is it important to most artists /creative people but it also makes it easier to connect as a parent. Oops waffled a bit :-). My point I feel Leo would make an excellent father. It is very good as he has that family support, certainly would have liked that in my life :-)

    Oh yeah forgot about the space travel I have seen anything written about that for ages, wonder what's happening with that :-/

    Feel in' tired so I'll love and leave ya ;-)

    Probably late but Happy New Year hope you all have a good one xxx

  3. Not sure when the premiere is though I think it comes out in UK just before or after I get back around 16th/18th Jan 2014.

    Definitely, love seeing Leo and Tobey together and his mom and bf, seem like very level headed but fun bunch to hang about with. Hope they all have fun in Aspen. You gotta love a bit of skiing :-)

    I've read before that Aspen has a lot of paps so hopefully we will get some good pics ;-)

    I guess he wanted to go somewhere different as he has been to a few sunny places this year :-)

    I am having emoticons withdrawal ;-(

  4. NP :)Hopefully we get pics of him in Colorado. :)

    Might sound thick but what's NP? Will it make me feel old ;-)?Yay pics think we are due some pics ;-) xxx
    Haha no worries, it just means NO PROBLEM. :flower: :p

    Ah ha text speak ;-) the first time someone text me LMAO I though they we're callin' me lame! :-) that was a while ago though ;-) xx

  5. Nice to see you Crazylady :hug:


    Judging from a pic Milano posted it looks like Leo held a big Christmas dinner at his house. (Well looks like Leo's house, judging from the view.. but who knows for sure. :heart: Wonder where he will pop up next. :)


    Leonardo DiCaprio to Win $500K Marriage Bet with Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck?

    “Leonardo DiCaprio’s two best buds — notorious gamblers Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck — are suddenly sweating because Leo’s thisclose to collecting a whopping half a million buck$$$ bet they made with the star years ago!” declares the National Enquirer.

    What’s this all about?

    According to a source for the outlet, “Tobey and Ben, both high-rolling gamblers, bet Leo $250,000 each that he’d be married and a dad by age 40. Leo took the best and went on to date a string of babes — supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Erin Heatherton, etc. — but never got serious enough to tie the knot.”

    If you think this fake quote is done, think again!

    “Now, with his 40th just 11 months away, Tobey and Ben are sweating big-time about coughing up a staggering quarter of a million bucks each!” shrieks the Enquirer source.


    So is there really now a countdown to DiCaprio’s big bet payday?

    Uh… no.

    A source close to DiCaprio tells Gossip Cop the story is “so silly.” http://www.gossipcop.com/leonardo-dicaprio-bet-tobey-maguire-marriage-married-kids/

    Always a pleasure FD :-)

    He could pop up anywhere :-) love the pics, thank you xx can't wait to see WOWS when I get back yey can't wait can't wait x



    Tks for news of Milano in Monaco :)

    Yes, I can't imagine him going there by himself , but who knows, he may have gone there with Ethan


    Toni appears to be in LA, she was spotted at some store there either yesterday or today... though like ToniGarrnMania said it could be from before Ibiza... but I think that sighting was within the last day or so. :)  Just mentioning all that because Leo could be in LA as well... but id bet more money on him being in Monaco right now  :p



    Hi CrazyLady!!!!! ;) :p



    Hi Fash :D  :hug:  


    OMG loads a photos of lovely Leo since I was last here, would soo like to have a go on that Flyboard, looks like a riot. Leo has good balance to stay on for so long :fun:


    Thanks for all the pics and vids peeps :kiss:  :flower:

  7. ;)

    Oxford, thanks for the Goal info.. I was the one who asked :p

    Never saw this tortoise pic before. Anyone can find it? :)

    Lua, thanks for the dog info. :)




    Found this as well but think it is just an image of the type of giant tortoise he brought :flower:  I've decided to call it Arnold since he doesn't have a name yet! (Lets hope it's a male tortoise or it'll get teased rotten by all the others at the zoo ;) !). I think Leo should take it for a walk around the park :hehe:   :wave:

  8. Fash

    I don't remember where I read it , but I remember reading back around time when Leo was filming Aviator, that Gisele had given the dog as a present to him and he was named in honor of Django Reinhardt whose music was featured in the romantic scene between Hughes and Katherine Hepburn in the film.

    We , also, did hear rumors that back during time of The Great Gatsby filming that Djano was along with him , but , I personally, never saw any Sydney pix that included Django.

    The last pix I've personally seen of Leo with Danjo was the one taken below when he was in NY during 2010


    Thanks for your answer oxford! :hug:

    Thanks Kat for the Leo and Toni scans :heart: Would love to see new pics of them soon. :heart:

    Crazy lady, something tells me he takes care of the tortoise financially but it lives in a zoo or some other animal establishment.. But who knows! Would love to learn more about this gigantic tortoise :p

    Probably the best place for a gigantic tortoise :flower: ;) I liked the idea of it randomly walking around in Leo's place, though it would bugger up the flooring :nicole:

  9. Fash

    I don't remember where I read it , but I remember reading back around time when Leo was filming Aviator, that Gisele had given the dog as a present to him and he was named in honor of Django Reinhardt whose music was featured in the romantic scene between Hughes and Katherine Hepburn in the film.

    We , also, did hear rumors that back during time of The Great Gatsby filming that Djano was along with him , but , I personally, never saw any Sydney pix that included Django.

    The last pix I've personally seen of Leo with Danjo was the one taken below when he was in NY during 2010


    Awww such a cute dog, I wanna see his giant tortoise, I wonder where he keeps that? :wave:

  10. Fash

    Yes, Runner, Runner with Ben & Justin is released Sept. 27th. For Ben that will be his first movie since his success with Argo

    And Out of the Furnace with Christian Bale & Casey Affleck is due to be released Nov 27th

    Hmm :p well I hope they don't get in the way of Wolf/ leo if you know what I mean :p But thanks for the info :p

    OK so you know how leo's going to space, those were exclusive seats I believe, so I got the impression that he won't have one of his close buddies along for the journey.... hopefully he gets along well with the guy who won the seat beside him at the auction. :p

  11. I think the Great Gatsby is a BEAUTIFUL film & millions of people loved it & enjoyed it alot including me so calling it tacky trash is quite rude & disrespectful towards Leo & his movie & his MAGNIFICENT performance in TGG & his fans ,IMO!!!!!!

    If you don`t like the movie..it`s ok= Different strokes for different folks but it`s better to express our feelings,opinions,likes,dislikes politely ,IMO!!!!

    I loved the movie too even better the second time! ;) This is the first movie where I liked the film better than the book too, Leo was amazing , :wub2: they all did a fabulous job really enjoyed it as did my mother and friend :PinkCouture2: x

  12. <p>Pic of Leo holding French magazine for which he gave interview - link here (in French)



    I could only translate the intro:


    I have google translated it for you. Sorry to all who couldn't see the interview, hate it when they do that. I will have a go at a transcript over the weekend xx

    Exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio: "I am proud to be opening in Cannes"

    By Frank Rousseau, May 13, 2013

    It is now the most "bankable" and the most attractive player on the planet. In "The Great Gatsby," Baz Lurhmann ("Romeo + Juliet," "Moulin Rouge"), the American star achieved the feat - no less - to make us (almost) forget the wonderful performance by Robert Redford in the adaptation film made there forty years by Jack Clayton. Basically, the difference between Leo and his character created by writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, is that it leads an existence based on appearances (often misleading) and DiCaprio He fights fiercely. Pragmatic man, since he understood that his reputation could serve the green cause, the former hero of "Titanic" was indeed one ambition: to prevent our planet earth flows pic!

    Leonardo DiCaprio: the opening of the Cannes Film Festival and The Great Gatsby

    "Gatsby" will be the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. A story to tell us about this major event?

    Leonardo DiCaprio: Climb the steps, it is something that matters in the life of an actor. I go to Cannes, it's a bit like reliving the "Dolce Vita" every time. It is as if the entire city was transformed into a giant, a sprawling red carpet. What I like about Cannes is that they contribute in their own way to the success and reputation of the festival. Entire community lives and breathes at the time of cinema. I am delighted that "Gatsby" be open Cannes. I am very proud. This is a risky production and a jewel in Cannes will be something its green! Baz (Editor's note: Baz Lurhmann) was able to completely reinvent this masterpiece of F. Scott Fitzgerald! His vision is amazing!

    Cannes is also the paparazzi and it is not "great" at all ...

    I think every I go to Cannes that are well able to image the paparazzi to track me. Cannes is the great mass of the movie but it is also a concentration of really strange people.

    Gatsby has invented a life, a history, this is a man who loves the light while keeping a dark side including the origins of his colossal fortune. During your life you is it ever pretend to be someone else to cover their tracks?

    Yes! When you do this job, you can not check into a hotel under your real name. You need to tweak that you are left alone! The number one rule is to go incognito to blend into the crowd. I know stars who complain because they are often called upon by hordes of fans. It is sure that if you get off your chauffeured limousine and bodyguards with you to pick up a loaf of bread or an ice cream cone at rush hour, you may rouse the whole neighborhood. Discretion and uniformity, it n 'is nothing better! I realized three things from "Titanic." First: for a quiet life, I was not to talk about my love life. Second: you can not do anything against the rumors. And third: the more these rumors are huge, most people swallow them!

    Leonardo DiCaprio: its roles, choices ...

    Your character in "The Great Gatsby" is driven by a single idea: to win Daisy (Carey Mulligan), the woman he loved so much, he has not kept and who married in the meantime with a unfaithful husband. It becomes an obsession for him. Mental torture. It will idealize Daisy the point of becoming almost mad in his years ... crazy! Why this marked for "borderline" roles attraction? One has the impression that you had made your trademark ...

    Leonardo DiCaprio: I do not choose a movie or role, saying: "Hey! Like last time I turned in a sci-fi, this time, I have turned into a biopic or a romantic comedy! ". I'm not a "planner". The only thing that interests me is the character profile that I am asked to embody and history that we asked to tell. And these characters are more complex, we had trouble identifying the more I feel the need to highlight their shadows. Whether J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes and The Great Gatsby all these outsized personalities, whether real or fictitious, have raised a lot of questions I wanted to answer. And frankly, I do this job for me transcend.

    This hero of the American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is a licensed raver, a "party guy" inveterate. You recognize yourself in this side "I burn life at both ends"? Ie what may well be the vices of Leo DiCaprio?

    I smoke a cigar here and there. Nothing too bad. A drink occasionally! I say occasionally because it does not require either that we fall in controversy. And when I have a headache, I reassures me that maybe my halo which I use too!

    Leonardo DiCaprio: his secrets

    Do you have another addiction to reveal?

    Leonardo DiCaprio: Yes but this one is not harmful to health! For nothing in the world I would not miss a Lakers game. When the Lakers score a basket or are about to make a decisive pass, you feel the cheering crowd. The passion is such that it resembles a volcanic energy! The ground rumbles with the clamor. It's something that takes you from below. Who raised you. Real telluric forces!

    And the fear of you are alone as Gatsby or be surrounded by false friends, freeloaders, profiteers do you sometimes feel?

    That is the risk one takes in being an actor. It is impossible to know if you are attending because you have some access to or the person you are? When you practice this profession, you should expect to experience moments of intense loneliness! Sometimes you turn in places far away from people you love. At night when you are alone in your hotel room, it's very hard. The mere presence is your image in the reflection of a mirror. Then you realize that your life has absolutely nothing normal.

    An adjective is often used in articles that journalists write about you. This adjective is actor ... brain! How you react when you glue that kind of label?

    Brain? I do not think so! Say what I think is rather an actor who loves to get messages or make things happen. To my knowledge, there are two kinds of actors in Hollywood. Those who gesticulate in a sterile manner and those who try to focus on the different facets of the human race. It is a land of great game and almost inexhaustible. Just look around us.

    Your very first audition ... you remember?

    I was nine. First, it took me find an agent who wanted to take good care of me. The first one I found suggested I go to the hairdresser and change its name. It was mine too "ethnic" and wanted to replace it with a nickname more ... "White bread" Lenny Williams! I refused, but I did find a job especially in some pubs.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: his past, his future ...?

    If you had not been an actor, you'd be facing what profession?

    Leonardo DiCaprio: My whole childhood, I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, biologist or environnentaliste. When I was ten years to the question "What do you do later? "Asked by one of my teachers, I answered without hesitation:" Me getting hired by Jacques Cousteau to save the whales, dolphins and the millions of jellyfish that fail miserably on the beaches " . In their rooms, my friends had pasted posters of David Hasselhoff in action or by word-of-mouth to pin-up large breasts. I was the Calypso taken from all angles! I admit it was not very sexy but just watch this symbol scientific expeditions gave me desire to sail to four of the world! The call of the sea ... It is never too late. You are right! That may be what I dedicate 100% when I'm retired!

    About diving, I understand that you almost drink the cup a few years ago?

    Yes! Exploring the underwater world of the Galapagos Islands. Everything started well. Perfect visibility. Low currents. I filmed with an old waterproof camera bench stingrays etpuis sudden disaster, my regulator is fed me more air! At this time, I saw my life flash before me. As we descended deep enough, I took a deep breath to join the dive supervisor who shared with me his oxygen. The only thing you do in these circumstances is "Get me out of this shit ... and fast! "

    Remain in the water. If there had been no tidal wave "Titanic" do you think you would be the Leo that everyone pulls today?

    Realistically, the films of the caliber of "Gangs of New York" and "The Aviator" have struggled to be funded if I had not been part of the cast of "Titanic." In Hollywood language, I became a "cash machine" then as it serves for projects that are worth it! The benefit of "Titanic" is, basically, to be able to allow me to become a catalyst for projects! When I turned "Titanic" with Kate Winslet, we were virtually novices in this business. Kate and I knew we were going to participate in a big blockbuster. However, we never imagined that we would find ourselves overnight propel the rank of living icon. What saved us both of madness is that we had a good ability to keep feet on the ground and we took a lot of distance when speaking to us as if we were living gods! The proof I was in the middle of the rainforest in the Amazon, when Indian tribal paintings in Spain and came to meet me. One of them pointed at me and said, 'You died in large iron canoe sailing on the seas! You ... Jack!! "...

    Do you have any regrets reports to your career? Is that you sometimes say, "I should have and if not do that"?

    I honestly have no regrets. I could have had if looking in the mirror I was told: "You have nothing damn! You were asleep! You did not seize the incredible opportunities that are offered to you! You did not take advantage of your chance! ". But frankly, this is not the case!

    You just turn no less than three movies in a row. Do not you would become a slave to your passion for cinema?

    In a way yes! But I do it on my own! There is no one to force me! I will slow down in the coming months in order to devote myself more to the environment. This is not so much that the public be educated but our elected officials. Most of those who lead us have, in fact, a very short-term risks to our planet and therefore humanity!

    Leonardo DiCaprio: his political consciousness

    How do you explain these years of blindness on the part of those who govern us?

    Leonardo DiCaprio: When asked about the Earth, homo-politicus do not necessarily think in terms of world heritage, but often in terms of landfill. Democrats and Republicans, we have made promises. In the end, almost none was held.

    Because for years, the economic imperatives - related hyper-industrialization, the pursuit of profit, competitiveness and mass consumerism - were more taken into account respect for home-Earth. Let's face it, the environmental policy as it has been thought in the 80-90 years in the United States and other powerful countries is further absurd! It reminds me a bit of a paint job that would have given it-hastily on a rotten wall. Therefore, today, the blister paint and cement crumbles! That the "polluters" does not understand is that we are killing us slowly. Sawing off the branch on which we sit. Take gorillas endangered because of deforestation including forests. By depriving them of food and preserved areas, it is a little of himself that man is in the process of sacrifice. Do we not indeed vaguely cousins?

    Since when you lean on this blue planet sick men?

    My "conscience" green back to my childhood. And more specifically, the day at school, a teacher showed us the big cloud yellow neon flying over Los Angeles. A cloud of pollution!

    Gatsby has developed a kind of fascination for money. As the hero of Scott Fitzgerald you come from a modest background. Tell us about your relationship with greenbacks?

    You know why the stars are paid so dear? This is because they must collect all the crap that you can write on them! Stop joking. Money can quickly become an addiction if you do not careful. Especially when offers are mirobolantes. At first, you gently let have. Especially if you grew up in an environment where they were saving to afford this or that thing. It was my case ...

    Leonardo DiCaprio: "Green Gatsby"

    "You've heard of shark finning?" He asked Leo? "This is a practice that disgusts me as much as it disgusts me! It involves cutting the fins of live before releasing them into the sea to feed it all the Chinese dishes and meet Asian people who think to find in these therapeutic shark fins! You should know that 73 million animals are slaughtered and during the year.

    We had to act urgently because 90% of shark populations worldwide have been decimated by overfishing and shark finning. Remember that sharks are a vital part of the planet's ecosystems. Anyway, I am happy that this practice is now prohibited in the coastal waters of many nations, including the United States. Did you know that California was, at one time, one of the largest exporters of shark fins to Asia? One day, during a dive, I saw what a wonderful predator amputated his dying bodies on a bed of sand at the bottom of the water. All divers will tell you. It is a pathetic sight.

    If so I got involved at this point is because I like to move among these animals. I did not want to dive into a world without sharks! They are part of the decor and the ecological chain! ". To support its action in Leo, you can visit his www.leonardodicaprio.com site and sign the petition: "Nobody wants to effect the seabed become a huge pool lifeless" concludes Leo. If there is a palm that we would like to award our Leo is the star of the eco-friendly the most active in the world. And this is not a movie!

  13. Leonardo DiCaprio Joins UNREAL’s Unjunked Candy Mission

    Leonardo DiCaprio is joining forces with healthy candy company UNREAL and its mission to unjunk the world.

    Boston-based candy company UNREAL offers junk-free versions of everyone’s favorite candies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Way’s, Snickers, M&M’s and Peanut M&M’s. The company guarantees the candy has the same great taste, but is made from real ingredients. It contains zero artificial flavoring, hydrogenateds, corn syrup, GMOS and has less sugar than other candies.

    In addition to its healthful qualities, UNREAL also shows love to the planet by responsibly sourcing key ingredients, supporting farming communities and preventing the destruction of rain forests.

    “By working together to better understand the health of both people and the environment, we can produce healthier food that will benefit large populations of people while minimizing our impact on the planet,” DiCaprio said.

    Celebs including Jillian Michaels, John Legend, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and Jack Dorsey are also lending UNREAL a helping hand.


    Thanks girls :clap:

    I hope they go international :heart: :PinkCouture2:

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