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  1. She is one of my favorite models! Anybody know when is her birthday? x
  2. Edita is absolute perfection ♥ Such a classic beauty!
  3. I don't understand why she hasn't modeled more for Victoria's Secret, she totally has the perfect look for their brand! <3
  4. Thank you. I looked her up and her last name doesn't need an 'S' at the end tho. It's Schauten Backstage video for Girlz! Magazine :
  5. Thanks for the pics :3 We might not have a lot of pictures of her & information, but she's already one of my favorite models!<3
  6. She's a stunner! Any new pictures? Or does anybody know her last name?
  7. Doutzen for sure. She's GORGEOUS! Just perfect
  8. Would really appreciate to know the name of this model, she's stunning! ;o
  9. Thank you! I knew I saw her face before, Anne is one of my new favorite models ♥
  10. Hi, can someone identify this model for me pretty please? Thanks a lot!^_^
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