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  1. LOVE the US Vogue ed. And she already has 9 covers in 2013. Werk
  2. track


    There are paps pics from the beach. Anyone care to post?
  3. Put Adriana aside and be left with who? Candice? That's not going to happen.Miranda and Ale as it is are not/never going to be the head Angels. VS didn't put Heidi aside for Adriana. She was too busy running her empire... And Karolina didn't happen as Adriana did. Adriana was already a fan favorite and was embraced by the public even before she became the head Angel. She the most recognized and has the biggest fan base out of the Angels. VS doesn't have the luxury of putting her aside with their mess of a line up. The lady gets 6 months maternity leave whilst the others have three months and she works with them even while pregnant. Nuff said.
  4. Yes, Adriana has very prominent features when she's slimmer
  5. track


    She looks flawless as usual and her style here is causal but on point... but girlfriend needs to take care of her tummy area... I mean, I know it's hard but other models are doing it. Isabeli Fontana looks like she's never given birth, Ale too and they both have two kids... I think Adriana should start now so she doesn't deprive herself food to look flat when the VS show is around the corner
  6. gustav, Heidi still sells. Her Lucky and Glamour covers were the second best seller in 2011. And she has a 2012 Allure cover and 2013 Marie Claire. She still got it. Bit like I said... she isn't really a model now. But some celebs still flop at selling some covers even if they popular so... Miche, I won't even start with my contempt and hate for reality stars. Sometimes, I wish the most popular model of today could come together and have each others backs just to get back the covers so the reality stars would disappear.
  7. I wonder how she'd come off of that? She must know that tens of millions of people know her name, and have inspected every inch of her body. There must be people that love her shins and the bottom of her feet as well....+ $ millions. All this for doing little more than being born, having good agents, and going to work everyday.
  8. I hope the VS gods hear my prayers: Karlie and Adriana to never work together for them. Be it events or commercials/campaigns.
  9. Well there ya go. This is exactly why I doubted People offering Gisele a million bucks to pose with her family. Both Kate and Gisele are totally famous. But they lack popularity now. Gisele's 2007 VF cover was when her name was heavily still linked to Leo and she was still or just quit VS. She was popular. That's why her VF 2007 cover sold. 2009 was when she was very 'silent' that's why that cover bombed so hard. It was the worst in 2 years? Her Marie Claire cover did pretty badly too. The US is crazy. They live for celebs, as in movie stars and singers. I think supermodels can do well on the cover of only Vogue US because their readers would be familiar and interested in them. I don't think even more commercial magazines like Elle would be able to accommodate them on the cover. The only model I have hope in is Upton. I can't believe I just said that because I don't like her...but it's the truth. And it seems when the VS girls come together for a cover they sell... I haven't read any complains from magazines regarding their ability to sell covers.... They did Elle, Esquire etc and they did well. Heidi Klum still sells covers in the US but can we still call her a model? Back to Kate, if this was 2005 also known as the year of her scandal, this cover would have sold like hot cakes
  10. Yes, I do know that Asia has some countries where the money's at (just look at Dubai or raising China...) But Turkey? Not really. Since Turkish people represent Germany's largest group of immigrants, we talk a lot about this country here (in politics and school...just everywhere) and I often got the chance to speak with Turkish people about Turkey. A good friend of mine is Turkish, too, and she really loves Turkey, but she's also realistic and she told me that Turkey is mostly poor and underdeveloped. She told me that Istanbul is pretty much the only modern spot, but not richer than e.g. London or Barcelona. So can anyone explain to me why she's visiting Turkey that much? Is Mavi really that important and powerful? (I honestly don't know since we've only got four Mavi stores in Germany)
  11. Sorry, but what's waggon? It sounds like some cheap/tacky brand. What's she doing with them? I hope it's just for a store opening or something like that. And is Baku a country? They probably need her to have exposure.
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