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  1. @RocketQueenthank you so much for these images... just rediscovered this model/actress and am glad to see her work was so high-profile!
  2. Thank you very much @kimflorida! much appreciated!
  3. Hello all! Please let me know if you know who this model is / what agency she is with! Cheers!
  4. looks like: https://www.instagram.com/valeria_okuneva/
  5. Looking to see if anyone can ID this model- form a series of images from this lookbook Cheers and thanks all
  6. Portfolio on WhyNot Models https://www.whynotmodels.com/model/nikki-tissen
  7. roddy-and-tuesday.webp
  8. Hello all: This image has been used on Wolford tights: any help in identifying the model would be fantastic!
  9. https://www.bravemodels.com/model/4756/raluca-mos
  10. Her book - linked from her instagram account: IMG_6098.mp4 06_MARINA_WONDERWALL_TEST - 0555.tif basic-magazine-Gina-Scarfogliero-3.jpg) Glamour Hungary Editorial.pdf)) Images a.JPG) IMG_0694.HEIC instyle_jew0417.tif LAREPUBBLICA-INSERTI-BEAUTY-01_160317.tif MARINA_WONDERWALL_TEST - 0260.tif Ok magazine Bulgaria 2019.pdf))
  11. Hello gang! Looking for an ID on the short-haired brunette... Let me know what you know! Cheers and thank you all in advance
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