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  1. Roberto Giordano (HairDresser) Show - Spring Summer 1995/1996 - Punta Del Este, Uruguay.
  2. Hey! How long... right? Nice to meet you, again. I loved it at first sight, this one is quite new. May 2021 (Published on May 14, 2021 ) I love how strong she looks, so fierce. She's got Venus in Aries, She considered herself as a tomboy in childhood, her energy is powerful and masculine like the amazon women. I love that.
  3. MARIE CLAIRE Spain 30/05/2021 - "Empowered women - Valeria Mazza: This is the international beauty icon" Ph: Arturo Alcalá https://www.marie-claire.es/planeta-mujer/fotos/mujeres-empoderadas-valeria-mazza-541622395941 First Latin American Supermodel is "Made in Argentina"
  4. Ph: Daniela Urzi The plot is quite funny, isn't it? 😆
  5. Iman 1984 Ph: Antonio Guccione
  6. MAX Italia - Year XII - N° 3 - March 1996 Ph: Antonio Guccione
  7. by the way... @ArianaVSCouture I don't mind more AWESOME runway pictures like the ones you have been posting week after week!!! It is crazy and I love to get mad!!! 😁
  8. ahahahah yesss, That was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw that pose! I was like OMG Valeria... you did that but you decided not to be published in the mag... many years later the photographer betrays her and... BOOM! ahahaha
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